Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Korea Day9 09/07/2013

The guys woke up feeling ok from last night, david and bryan went down to get some breaky for us, think they got some bread and onigiri, the convenience store is right next to the hotel, so convenient.
Today we were going to see some caves. Really nothing special, just super chilly in there, really comfy to stay in there in such hot weather, it's like naure's own air conditioning LOL. We went in the cave, the ground is super wet, and rocky, almost tripped and fell lol. I was scared that the cave could collapse anytime LOL, i always like to think about retarded and unrealistic situations, that are very unlikely to happen LOL. It was a short walk, like maybe around 1hr back and fourth. We talked about random shits about our childhood, ahh good times, I miss digimon, so much feels every time =( Its funny how when we were young, we cant wait to grow up, and now we are all grown up and we want to go back in time. Human beings are so picky LOL. As soon as we walked out of the cave, our glasses all god super foggy, could barely see anything, I hate it when this happens, so annoying. Bought a pack of jeju tangerine chocolate, apparently its one of the best food in jeju, and jeju is known for its tangerine, but I seriously didnt realise what was so special about the chocolate, tasted normal. 

Then we went off to the  gimnyeong maze park. They gave us a map at the entrance, but we were like #YOLO who needs a map anyway, more fun without map anyway. We split up at the beginning, I was with pua, we just kept walking around in circles at the start, and bumped into other ppl as well. Then we started finding our way after a while. Pua was like hey look lets follow that korean couple, Then the couple decided to separate as well, and we were like lets follow the guy, he seems smart LOL. Then we got lost........ We kept following him, and we finally reached like the mid section of the maze, there was a little bridge where you could see the overall set up of the map, so its easier for us to get through. So eventually we got through, then we got some drinks at the end, and waited for the others. 

We left the maze, then headed to the sunrise peak. Andy drove us up there, and we were literally walk in between the clouds, felt really good. Me pua and david were walking at the front, i had my earphone up, I love walking while listening to music, It gives a false perception of time, and seems like time just flies when you listen to music and do whatever. The steps got steeper and steeper, at least they were still steps LOL. It was really foggy at the top, could hardly see anything from the top, i was expecting a good view, o wells. Then we just headed down, since there was nothing interesting, Andy said take this as a warm up for tmr's mount hallasan, I was already scared, this one i was already huffing and puffing after climbing.

We had to wait for brandon to buy a new pair of pants cause his ripped while climbing LOL, what even....... And they actually sold pants in the shop, I guess they expected people to rip their pants while climbing?
Andy suggested that we eat the pork noodles One of the special food in jeju. A lot of people had the soup pork noodle thingy, I had a taste of the dry one with chilli sauce, I liked that one so much better. The chilli sauce wasnt spicy, was really sour and sweet instead. 

Then we went to the light house/seopjikoji cliff. It was really pretty. We went over to walk on the rocks, got really close to the ocean, ocean seemed really scary, the waves were huge, I wonder what happens when someone falls down there. Bryan did some poses with the little pool of yellow water, really looked like he pissed there, such a big amount of piss, I wonder how big his bladder is LOL. 
We kept on walking and we got to this church place, which apparently alot of dramas were filmed here. But it was really pretty. There were stack of rocks on the side of the path, apparently its another thing that grants wishes, how childish can these people get seriosuly..... Apparently everything in Korea grants wishes, I was really tempted to knock the whole thing down LOL. 

We got to the light house, apparently its wish granting as well. I didnt wanna go up because it was too crowded up there, instead I was just sitting there listening to my music, while breeze blows into my face, and watching the beautiful scenery. So relaxing, it felt like all the worries were washed away. 
We headed back to find andy already waiting for us, our next stop was jeju folk village. Nothing special imo, was just really smelly because of all the animals there and their poop. It's the filming location of the drama 大长今It was a really big hit in China, like literally every TV station would be showing it at some point of the day, even my grandparents watched it LOL. It was really big, we were just randomly walking around untill we all got tired and bored. 

We had dinners at some "chinese" korean restaurant, A lot of the chinese dishes were modified to suit korean taste. The sweet and sour pork was the best imo, It's a lot different to the chinese Variation. The chinese variation is orange in color, and the sour flavour comes from fruits like pineapple and orange and tomato sauce. Where as the korean version is black in color, i guess the sour flavour is kinda coming from vinegar? not too sure. We also had Jiampong, which is like this spicy noodle soup, I dont get how thats even chinese LOL, doesnt taste chinese at all, taste like typical korean dish to me. Jajamyeon is always good, cant go wrong with that, The korean version is alot sweeter, and the sauce seems thicker with starch as well. 
Then we drove off back to the hotel, Then pua bryan and david needed runners to climb mt hallasan tmr, So andy took them, Me and brandon showered while they were gone. 

After everyone came back, we went over to the girls room to play mafia. My first time palying mafia, i was so bad LOL, I was detective like freaking 4 times straight, and whenever the god says detective wake up, the god would start laughing then everyone knows...... dafaq, and apparently i was making too much movement when i wake up, LOL i dont even......
After a while we just went back to sleep, preparing for the big day tmr, thats it for today.

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