Saturday, September 29, 2012

end of holidays exams starting soon =(

HOLY FKN SHIT ASDEAHSGFHAF, wtf holidays are almost over, that felt soooo short, especially when you wake up at like 10am everyday. Didnt do much during the holidays, just chilled at home, and went out a few times with friends. Didnt get much study done, just did the absolute minimum amount of work, which is a few quizes and a bio presentation.
It's exactly 1 month away from exams, FKKK im so screwed, better start cramming soon.... I find youtube very useful for learning, especially a channel called khanacademy, thats basically how I crammed for year12 exams, teachers/lecturers are so damn boring, but this guy actually make study interesting. So my first exam is chem, which is on the 29th of october, its one of my worst subjects, hope i can do well..... Not too worried about bio, stats and chinese, should be able to get 70% easily. Actually I'll just start cramming during swot vac. Seems most uni students are used to cramming right before exams.

Ill probably be doing this in a few weeks time.....

Sunday, September 23, 2012


HELL YEA ITS FINALLY THE "mid semester break" for us monash kids. I dunno even know why its called the mid semester break, its like week 10 now, which is around 3/4 of the semester, and we only get one week of break, while melbourne uni kids get 2 weeks, what is this bullshit monash?but the bad news is that exam is near, it's in about 6 weeks? This semester's exam timetable is pretty lame, so spread out. I guess I'll have to catch up 10 weeks worth of chem, bio and stats in the break.

Havent had time to post recently, been pretty busy with uni, had 2 essays due on monday, Chinese and Bio, I basically finished 2 essays on sunday, stayed up to 3am in the morning, I gotta get rid of the habit of doing things the last minute, it really is bad, my essay quality is pretty shit imo.

This past week has been pretty awesome. On tuesday we had a high school reunion, it was nice catching up with everyone once in a while. I was hungry as shit when i got there, I had a bio lab right before, and didnt eat any thing since like 2pm, and the reunion started at 7:30pm. The food wasnt very filling, just some snacks, and I can tell everyone was hungry, the fried chicken thingys were gone in like 1min. We just stood in circles and talked about uni, life, and good old times. We should have a more formal reunion next time, maybe in 5 years, I wonder what everyone will be like. Some are probably married, or even have kids. Some maybe CEO of a company. Overall it was an awesome night, caught up with so many people that i didnt see in like ageeeees.

On friday we had dinner at larpochetta again. YESSS RIIIBBBSSS!!!!!! OMG i love those ribs soooo much, SOOO GOOODDD. Also met sarah, key's dorm friend, she seemed like a really nice person. We went to crazy wings after larporchetta to get some crazy wings, sarah wanted to try, then we went to dessert story to eat the wings. She ate a whole one without even getting red or drinking water...... what is this madness..... I rekon she chould take on pua on a crazywing duel.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jeremy Lin

So I was watching videos of Jeremy Lin (chinese-taiwanese american NBA player) on youtube, then I saw comments arguing whether he's american, taiwanese or chinese on almost every fkn video. this pisses me off so bad, who the fk cares wat nationality he is, why cant we just all get along and enjoy basketball. why do we always have to bring in race and politics into sport, why cant we just enjoy the sport as it is. 

I hate it when people say taiwanse people arent chinese. They speak chinese (mandarin, even Hokkien is a chinese dialect), they eat chinese food, they have chinese traditons, which part of them is not chinese? Their nationality may not be chinese, but they still have chinese blood running in their body. Even their parent/grand parents came from china, why arent you chinese when you parents/grand parents are? It's reasonable to say you are taiwanese, but its not when you say you arent chinese. What's worse is that Honkie people saying they are not chinese, hong kong is even a part of china, y the fk would u say u arent chinese? 

Some people say he got so popular only because he's asian, and David stern (commissioner of NBA) wants a bigger market in china after Yao ming retires. But in my opinion he deserved the attention. He carried the team (new york knicks) when they needed him the most, and played so well. He became a star in a few days, he was fired by 2 teams, and was a bench warmer until Knick's starting point guard got injured. the coach had no other choice but to put him on. "Chance favors only the prepared mind", and he was prepared, he has trained hard for this day to come. He would've succeeded even if he wasn't asian. The spark is just too bright.

I love him also because he's faithful in god, humble, funny, most importantly he's asian (especially chinese/taiwanese) . He's a devoted christian, he has absolute faith in god, he wasn't mad/jealous when he was a bench warmer, and when he was cut. He kept his faith, and kept working hard. He's also pretty funny, and made a few videos with kevjumba, and nigahiga. He's the only asian that has a starter role in the NBA, it makes me proud, and also give hope to other asian kids of becoming successful in the NBA

Wait i forgot to mention that he graduated from Harvard, FKN HARVARD!!!!! He has a degree in economics. He's not only good at basketball, but he's also a fkn GENIUS. FUU I WANNA HVE HIS BABIES. no homo.....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

pua's new wig LOL + Doraemon's bday

so on tuesday, pua came to uni with a brown/redish wig, he looked so retarded. He tried to troll me and told me it was his real hair, I actually believed it, and was confused for quite a while. Everyone made fun of him LOL someone said he's a try hard korean, someone wanted to take off his wig. was pretty funny actually.

so apparently today's Doraemon's -100 birthday. He was born in 03/09/2112. So after 100 years will we be able to make something like Doraemon? It'll be pretty awesome if we can, but too bad i dont think I'll live that long to see the real Doraemon. It brings so back so many childhood memories, I still remember I used to watch it everyday.
Which item would you want if u had Doraemon? I'd definitely want the "memory bread" (is that wat its called?), the one where u can print all the knowledge from the textbook, and then you eat it, then u'll know everything. would be pretty awesome for studying or anything else that requires memory.
Btw I also found this north Korean girl band (north korean SNSD?) which is pretty hilarious. They were singing about studying hard for the country, and shit like that.  check out the link :
the subtitle's in chinese, its basically just saying study hard for your country and typical communist shit.

THE perfect life

So on monday I woke up at 10 o'clock, then I realised, today is the grand finals of The International 2 (if you didnt know, it's the world's largest dota2 competition.) watched 1 game before going to uni. Went to uni, had a chinese lecture at 2. I was pretty much watching TI2 the whole time, but I guess i was multitasking pretty well, i didnt miss out much of the lecture.
So it was IG VS NAVI, IG beat NAVI 3-1. So the winner gets 1 MILLION  US dollars!!! IG is a chinese team, so apparently chinese people are godly at dota.

out of the 8 teams that received prizes, 5 teams are chinese.

I've been thinking how awesome would it be to do ur hobby as a real job, and earn shit loads of money. So here are a few pics of one of the elite chinese dota team DK's training facility. WTF right? what is this? a 5 star hotel?
As I imagine, they probably play dota the whole day, wake up, eat, gym, play dota, eat, pool, play more dota, eat, sleep. FUUU WHAT A PERFECT LIFE, maybe it's more complicated and more stressful than that, but it sounds like a pretty awesome life to me. They play in one tournament and if they win, they dont have to work for the rest of the year, though they still need training but still, who cares if you can win 1million dollars.
So I've always dreamt to become a professional NBA player, looks like its impossible now, since I'm so fkn short, and not athletic at all, and asian. I always wished to travel to different cities with the teammates, and live in a 5-star hotel, and have a private jet taking u everywhere. Though the training maybe harsh, but if it's something you enjoy doing and love, then i guess it wouldn't be as annoying and dreadful.
BUT maybe if you keep on doing something for a long time, you'll eventually get bored of it? I dont know about that, but i dont think I'll ever get bored playing basketball, or playing games.

So this is the story of one guy on the team that just won 1 million dollars. His life is pretty sad imo, he gets injured from Bball, and was forced to quit. Then he was cheated on by his gf. Which motivated him to play dota, and won many titles, then he gets a new gf. It's pretty sad that he only gets a gf, when he's successful, and making big money. I hate this kind of girls, gold digger, only stay with u because u r rich.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

some people that I "hate" the most

Hate is a strong word, its not like I hate them so much that i wanna kill them. I just find these kind of people really annoying, and i really dislike them. 
1. People who are SUPER corny and cheesy on facebook, and in public. They are just so annoying, there's this guy on my fb friend list, we went to the same high school (GWSC), we arent really frinds, and never really talked. So recently he got a GF on fb, and all he does is spam the girl's wall all day long, and all the corny messages appears on my news feed too. I mean, its OK to be corny in private, but spamming on fb is just not cool, in fact its really annoying, now i blocked him and got rid of the corny shits. Whats worse, is that he says F3 ALL THE FKN TIME ( if you you dunno what that is, its a hotkey that makes a pouting face in a MMORPG maplestory)

If  you didnt know, this is what F3 looks like......

And he kept saying "SIGH" in EVERY post he posts. and i dont think they've even met each other, maybe they are "online couples", or "maplestory couples"? They dont even have a picture together..... Sighs F3 ._. *hugs ya tightly* smile for me ♥   this is one of the corny things he says, seriously wtf? it doesnt even make sense, y would u even sigh? All of his posts on the girl's wall have like 30~ comments, mostly by himself, spamming shit. 

2. People who are up themselves, think they are so important, and the world revolves around them. There are many people like that. They update their status on fb like every fkn hour, trying to update everyone what he's up to, but no one really gives a shit. If you wanna do that, take it to Twitter. He makes everything sound so depressing and dramatic. this guy im talking about is currently overseas, he tries to make everyone remember that he's still here. "Will you guys go when I come back?" "have fun on my behalf"So we were planing to go to some event, but didnt end up going. He posts this on one of my friend's wall.  NO WE WONT GO EVEN IF U COME BACK. A group of our friends ( I wasnt there, I was in China) went to schoolie, and they uploaded a group photo on fb, he saw it and got super jelly, and forced us to photoshop him into the photo.....  FUUU he's so overly attached, like a little girl/baby. How can a guy be this overly attached, and so dependent on others. 

3. People who are overly confident, thinking they are top-shit, when they are just shit. I have this family friend, who is also the corny kind and writes poems and shit to his gf in public. It maybe sweet in private, but its not when u show it to everyone. Thats not the worst part, he thinks he's so topshit, he thinks he's better than me in everything, and he's always right. When ever he makes a mistake i dont even bother trying to correct him, I know he wont listen, and keep thinking he's right. He still thinks he's better than me in Basketball when i kicked his ass SOOOO many times.... 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

first REAL post YAY

YAY first real post for my blog =D
So this week was pretty awesome.
Didn't have uni on thursday, but was planning to go to uni and study for a bit. Got to medley and met up with key, bryan, pua and michael shao, they wanted to play some basketball so i followed. we played for a few hours. Oh and i also met hui shen, one of key's dorm friend, we played dota2 together a few times. He's really tall, but he had a really soft and high pitched voice, which sounded really weird, and didnt match his height (dam i wish i could grow taller =( )So we played for a while and then key ad pua wanted to play tennis so i followed. This was the first time i played REAL tennis outside of school. I was actually pretty good for the first time. I beat pua twice, and he got so mad because this was my first time, and he actually had training and stuff before. I kept rubbing it into his face LOL. Then i waited for my cousin to pick me up, we went to some korean BBQ buffet near chadstone. He wanted to take me to dinner because it was my bday 2weeks ago. It was actually pretty good, though there werent many varieties, but for the price it was pretty awesome. Then i had to go home and finish my stats assignment, stayed up till 3am to finish that crap.

On friday, had stats tute in the morning, was really tired from the day before, slept a bit in the tute, tutor was nice and didnt care. Then had chem lab, i finished pretty early. We were planning to get dinner at crazy wings, i took the bus back to glenny, met key and bryan on the bus, we went to GWSC to meet up with brandon and david and played some bball while waiting for Jess, Calene, Megan and Pua to finish shopping. Havent been back to GWSC for ages, really brings back the memories. I thought it was just a regular dinner with friends, but it turns out to be a surprise late-bday party for me. I really appreciate it guys, Brandon, Pua, Key, Bryan, Megan, Calene David, Jess. And thanks for the awesome pressent =D We got 2 hotpots and some wings. Apparently it was Jess' and Calene's first time there. So we forced them to at least take a bite of crazy wings, then they both went red, it was pretty funny LOL. Me, Brandon, Pua and David ate one whole wing each, it was way spicier then the first few times we came in year 12. Havent been to crazy wings for ages, it brings back the year 12 memories. Then we went to pancake parlour for some short stacks, Calene and Jess had so many vouchers lol.

some year 12 memories LOL. this was when crazy wings first opened. Pua ate 12 wings, Juwei had 9 and Brandon had 8, it wasnt that spicy back then, but I still cant imagine how they tanked so many of them.....