Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10/06/2014 JJ lin concert

Havent blogged in a longgg time, infact the last post was made last year. I was going to blog about the cruise trip with my family, but I cbf since nothing interesting happened lol. Nothing has been happening in my life thtats why I never bothered blogging anymore. Well I guess I'll start again, and hope I can keep it up this time.
On saturday I started work at 12pm, was busy as heck, it was getting very hectic during lunch times, and I literally made sandwiches for 3 hours straight, didnt have any time to take a break lol. Normally the shop is super quiet, and sometimes im just staanding around doing nothing, and even make some coffee for myself sometimes.I guess it was the day before mothers day thats why it was so busy.
Finished work at 3, got home around 3:30 ish. The massage chair my dad bought the other day was delivered while I was away. Tried it out, and it super comfy, and I fell asleep LOL, When i woke up it was already 4:30, took a shower and got ready and left my house at 5. Got to city at 6ish, cousin got mad because I was supposed to meet her at 5:30, o well lol, she was studying in melb uni lib anyway, so I guess I diidnt waste too much of her time.
We ate dinner at Colorful yunan, 2nd time being there, was pretty crowded, had a massive line outside waiting for tables. Apparently all the people outside are all waiting for bigger tables, we just went in and got a seat for 2 people, luck us I guess lol. We ordered 2 soup rice noodles and 1 bacon like dish. The noodles were great, my cousin got this beef one, and I got their classic yunan rice noodles. They all tasted great, especially in this cold as winter night. Mine was a little too spicy for me, and it was a massive bowl, I couldnt finish it so we had to take it away to the concert LOL.
fried chinese spicy bacon LOL, tastes good though

Then we took a tram to the melbourne convention center, walked around for a little trying to find the place. We got there pretty early, bought some water, and went in to find our sits and sat down. I was SOOOOO excited as this was my first ever concert, and I've listened to JJ Lin's songs for at least 7 years now, and I love his voice, and have almost all of his songs.
The concert started at around 8:30 ish, was super excited, we sat at the very right hand of the stage, wasnt that good of a spot, it was close to the stage though, but we had a massive screen in front of us so we could see through the screen lol. My cousin was trying to take photos and kept being told off by this Indian staff like 5 times LOL.
The theme of the concert is timeline, on the big screen in front of me started playing a video, well the video's story line is pretty much is just live in the pressent, dont worry about the past and future. He could speak very good english, the whole concert was half english and half chinese. He's also funny, he made so many jokes, laughed so hard. At the start everyone was really quiet and shy, but after a few songs, everyone was warmed up, and started singing along, also screaming have gotten louder. I knew all the songs he sang, it was a great feeling, even JJ himself said so, he enjoyed it, it was like a massive Karaoke session lol. I screamed my heart out, at the end of the night i could barely talk properly. I screamed so hard that I started sweating lol. There was also this guitarist guy who was really hot LOL, even I thinks he's hot, like super sexy. No homo.
http://www.56.com/u59/v_OTc3Njg4NDA.html this is a clearer version if the youtube one isnt clear. SO MUCH FEELS
Many feels when he sang his ballad songs, 江南,害怕,记得,学不会,她说,修炼爱情, The MV of 修炼爱情 is a japanese animation, I cried so hard, as soon as this MV started playing, i was sobbing so hard, that my hands and feet were numb because I was out of oxygen LOL. The concert finish at like 10:30ish, we took a tram to cousin's place and I slept over at her place.
Great concert, wish he could come to melbourne again. Concerts are actually addictive lol, I wanna go to another concert now.

                                             SEXY AS FK GUITARIST

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

timetable for next sem, and leaving for sydney tmr :)

So i randomly went onto mymonash yesterday, and accidentally found out that the timetable has been released. All of my subjects are auto allocated, so I didnt have to bother waking up early and getting my preferences. This semester is gonna be pretty dam chill. Only have 1 prac per week, and it's the cooking prac. 
Going on a cruise on saturday, the cruise departs from sydney, so we are leaving for sydney tmr. Gonna drive there with family, gonna be my first ever long drive. Pretty excited excited for it, have been bored forever during the holidays. Gonna be on the boat for a week, hope its fun.
meh nothing much is happening, but ill make sure that i post about the cruise trip after i get back.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year post, 2013 summary/reflection.

So today is 01/01/2014, 2013 has ended, it went by so freaking fast. I feel like I did jack shit for the whole year, nothing interesting really happened.
First of all, I managed to transfer from biotechnology to nutrition science. Since the 2 courses weren't related at all, I wasnt able to transfer my credits, so I had to start all over again as a "JAFFY".
I was surprised by how many girls and little guys in this course, the ratio is literally 1guy:10girls.
The only highlight of the year is probably the trip to south korea with all the friends, was a vary interesting trip, even though i spent all my life saving on that, but it was worth it.

Come to think of it, this year is the last year for all the commerce people, they will be finishing their undergrad this year, and I'll still be doing my 2nd year (for this course) at uni. Probs have to make more new friends now, or I'll probs just be forever alone. OR I can just head off to medley library and sleep there during my breaks. =.=, well, lucky pua, megan, brandon and key will still be there.

and about new years resolution, the only thing I have on mind right now is to transfer again from nutrition science to nutrition and dietetics. Which will probably require quite a bit of studying, so the main new year's resolution is to study harder.Maybe also update my blog more frequently, this is my first post in like ages lawl.