Saturday, August 10, 2013

Korea Day1 01/07/2013

We woke up early, checked out and took a taxi to airport. Nothing much happened at the airport and on the plane.
Got to korea at around 3pm ish, we were all hungry as shit, because they didnt give us food on the plane, so we walked around to look for some food, david suggested lotteria, which is a korean fast food chain. So we walked around the whole airport just to find the place right next to us........ had some bulgogi burger and chesse sticks and cheese fries, bulgogi burger tastes nice, a lil different to the typical australian burgers. Cheese fries tasted weird, but its ok, cheese stick was super cheesy, but pretty tasty too.

After eatting some food, we went to pick up Brandon and them, we waited a lil bit, and they finally arrived. we went to rent a pair of mobile phones, just in case anything happens, and then left the airport. we took the airport shuttle bus straight to hongdae, checked in at our nice little cozy apartment like accommodation. It's a really nice place, and super cheap too, like maybe around $20 aud per person per night?  Its a double story room, upstairs was really tiny, so we moved the mattress downstairs. There's a kitchen inside, and a fridge, they even provided toast, butter and jam for breakfast. Super nice place.

After we unpacked a lil, we headed off for dinner. we walked around, and found a korean fried chicken place, that was apparently pretty popular. We ordered heaps of food, korean fried chicken, sausages, Pan fried chicken with cheese, and a HUGE jug of beer. They were so strict, and had to check our IDs, didnt know Korea is so strict about alcohol.
After dinner we walked around a lil bit around hongdae, looked at some street performers, then we decided to go to a bath house. We looked around for this apparently super fancy one, but apparently it disappeared. there happened to be one just on the side of the street, so we just went in. it was very similar to what i expected, very similar to those chinese bath houses, not as fancy though.
we paid $10 aud for entry fee, went in and changed into bath robes, then went out to the public sauna place to meet the girls. there were different saunas with different temperatures, tried them all, and i liked the hottest one, which i believe was 50 degrees? and there was this iceroom right next to the saunas, TBH it wasnt even that cold, mayb around 10ish degrees? it felt super awesome after hot sauna, and go straight into the iceroom. We cam out, had some tea eggs? and some kind of super sweet korean drink. Then we decided to go in and take a bath, while brandon and the girls just got changed and waited outside.
The bath was pretty good, pretty similar to the Chinese ones, they had a greentea pool, ginseng pool, and a super hot one. I dont know why brandon and the girls doesnt like it, its just being naked right? not a big deal at all. maybe im just used to it lol, cause ive been alot of times. but its just penis right? no one is gonna judge. o well, its his own choice, but it was super fun especially with friends. there was this super hot sauna which i believe was 80 degrees, HOT AS FUCK, stayed there in 2 mins and almost died. we couldve stayed inside for longer, but we were worried that the girls and brandon might be waiting for too long. Took a shower and came out, everyone was tired so we headed home.

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