Saturday, August 10, 2013

HK day3 30/06/2013

today the biggest LOLS of the whole trip happened....... Im still surprised how stupid we are....... basically we thought today was the 01/07/2013 and thought we were supposed to head off to korea.
on the previous day (day 2), we thought our flight was today, and got all excited about heading off to korea, we packed all our shits, and set an alarm super early at like 5:30 ish. So we woke up, getting all pumped up about leaving HK. we were about to check out then realised there was no one at the front counter, so we put the keys in a piece of paper, and wrote something to the boss saying we are leaving. we got to the airport by the airport shuttle train, which was quite expensive at around 20aud if i remembered correctly. David was talking to megan at the airport, and he said megan told him that they r still at home chilling, and david was like nah shes just trolling, pretty sure they are at singapore already. we proceeded to check in, we gave our passport to the staff, then she said, "your flight is tommorow, would you like to change your flight?" we were like WTFFFFF, then we realised megan wasnt trolling us, we were trolling ourselves. Then we were laughing our asses off, and facepalming the entire time, then david and pua took out their phones and checked the date, and it was 30/06/2013.... and they all started blaming me, cause i was in charge for the HK part. I admit it was mostly my fault, but i did tell them my phone's clock and date is screwed up, so i cant tell the date. I even booked the little shitty motel for 3 whole days, till 1/07/2013. I even planned the itenery for 3 whole days, but david told me that we were apparently staying for only 2 whole days. I dunno what we were thinking, words cannot describe how retarded we were.

So we stayed at airport for a lil bit thinking of what to do, the staff told us that they'll find a seat for us, but we'll have to pay $50 aud extra, we all agreed to that, but unfortunately there were no seats left. So i felt bad because it was kinda my fault, so i shouted them breakfast. After breakfast we decided to look for a hotel, because we were too embarrassed to go back to the shitty motel, even though ive already paid for the last day. Then we were like YOLO lets go find a 5 star hotel, since its the last day. We searched for some hotels nearby, and found this Intercontinental Hotel near TsimShaTsui. We took a taxi to the hotel, it was the same price as the shuttle train, so we decided to take a taxi instead.

We got off, then checked in at the 5star hotel, and they told us the room will be available at 1pm. At this stage im kinda running out of money. It turned out to be $80aud per person per night, not even that expensive.
we left our luggage in the hotel, and went out to grab some lunch. We found this yum cha place, which seemed pretty crowded, if its crowded it must be good right?

after lunch we went back to the hotel to chill, took a nap, watched some tv, went to gym, took a shower and just stayed inside for the whole afternoon. Then its dinner time AGAIN, we went to the same place, we saw that they have all you can eat hotpot there as well, so we decided to come again. We told pua to get select a soup, and he chose some retarded apple pear and snow fungus soup. It was so plain, had no flavour at all, and we had to pay for extra sauces, so we decided not to get any, just used the soy sauce they gave us for free. All the dishes were so good, so many thins that we havent tried before in a hotpot, E.g. frogs, glutinous custard balls, all kinds of fish balls, and meat balls etc. The soup tasted pretty nice and sweet after all the flavour went into the soup. After dinner we headed back, and just chilled and slept early, so we can wake up and head off TO KOREA!!!!!!!!!!

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