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Korea Day8 08/07/2013

Today we are heading to Jeju island on a plane. Woke up early packed up shits, and headed off to the airport. Grab the taxi to air port, me jess and brandon were on the same taxi. We didnt understand shit, and just said airport LOL. The driver then asked if domestic or international in a relaly fobby korean accent, i cant believe we understood lol.
We got our luggage checked in, waited a little bit and boarded the plane. Slept for an hour, and arrived in Jeju. Jeju's weather is really different to Busan and Seoul. Busan and Seoul were very hot and humid, whereas Jeju was just plain dry and hot, almost like melbourne's summer.
We waited at the airport, waiting for our drive/tour guide to come pick us up. The tour guide's name is andy, and he could speak a lil bit of english, but he still spoke to david in korean most of the times, and david would translate for us.
First he took us to our hotel, we couldnt check in, because the rooms werent ready yet.
First we went to the teddy bear museum, I fell asleep as soon as i got on the bus, so I had no idea what happened on the way. I woke up just before we got to the teddy bear museum, we were on top of this super foggy mountain place. We arrived at the teddy bear museum, teddy bears EVERYWHERE, I dont even.......
Alot of teddy bears were set up for different scences, and there was this Michael Jordan teddy bear, which I loved LOL.  We also saw the most expensive teddy bear in the world, was like  made out of diamonds and crystals and shits. I'll buy that for my gf one day, LOL jks, not gonna happen. There was a teddy bear shop, everything was expensive as fk, I dont get how a teddy bear can get so expensive. Me brandon pua and jess left, looking for food to eat, while the others were still looking at the teddy bears. We were all hungry, because we didnt eat any breakfast. We had some fried chicken at lotteria, we didnt eat too much, because we were apparently going for lunch soon.

After eating, we went to watch the teddy bear elvis presley show, it was funny and interesting, I love elvis presley songs.
We left the teddy bear museum, and went for lunch. We had some seafood stew thingy, and a piece of grilled fish for FKN $20, it was really nothing special, was really dry too. Brandon kinda got annoyed that we are paying $20 for a piece of fish lawl.

Then we headed to the waterfalls. The place was really pretty, there was this pond place, and the water was like super blue/greenish, really pretty. There were rocks making a little paths into the pond, we started playing water and playing with the rocks, I almost fell into the water awks.
Then we headed to the actual waterfall, which is pretty far away, we had to climb rocks, and climb stairs to get there, was really steep too. Then david and jess started chucking coins into the water, apparently its a wish granting waterfall? LOL i dont even..... David and jess chucked a handful of coins down the water. TSKTSKTSK WHY SO RICH FUARKK COULDVE GIVEN THE COIN TO ME, SO MAD.

After the waterfall, we kept walking, and then there was this massive bridge, connecting to 2 mountains. We kept walking and there was this fountain thingy with turtle heads lol. At the end of the bridge there was this pagoda thingy, so we went on there, took a few pictures, and sat there and rested for a bit. We wanted to keep walking, but we didnt have enough time too, so we decided to walk back. We'd have felt guilty if we let andy wait. I bought a chilled pineapple piece, it tasted sooo nice, especially in such hot weather, and I was super thirsty. It was really sweet, and chilled, omg i want more of that.

Then we went to jusanjeolli cliff, it was nothing special, really similar to the scenery of great ocean road, just random rocks standing in the middle of the ocean.

Andy suggested that we go to the lonely rock, it was just this random piece of rock standing inside the ocean, and some people said that it looked like a penis..... We kept walking and We found this random shitty gym equipments out of no where, like those really lame and cheap quality one you'd find in china. We had those in our neighborhood garden, and I used to play on it when i was young, it's like for old people to exercise on.  Jess and a few people went over the fence, and walked close to the cliff, I didn't wanna yolo like that, what if a strong as fk wind blew into ur face and knock you off? Or you trip on the rock and die? I was scared for them, but o well even megan went over lol, me and calene were just watching them. 

Warning: this post may contain explicit pictures and actions, If you are under 18 Please leave. 

Then we went to loveland, this sex museum thingy, I was kind of keen, but since we had no where else to go, might as well right. It was pretty sexual as soon as we entered the gate. The door handles were all sexual organs, on the mens toilet handle there were boobs, and on the female one there was a penis. LOL. There were random statues of naked people just standing around, we posed with the statues LOL, #yolo #swag
We split up into guy and girl groups. We were like OMG this is attack on titans porn LOL. We took our time, and took many photos LOL. There was this museum kind of thing inside, which displayed the evolution of sex toys, etc. and they had a little store at the end, we were just looking around, and the female shop keeper approached us, and started showing david how to use the fake vagina thingy we were looking at. As soon as she shoved a finger into the fake vagina, we felt really awkward and walked away. LOL. We were hungry and I bought some penis cakes, actually tasted quite nice, despite the shapeROFLLL. Then we just headed back to the entrance/exit, cause we didnt want to take too long and let the girls wait. Bryan and pua werent satisfied, they were expecting more explicit stuff, like maybe real naked models, or adult videos, or real people displaying how to use sex toys, I dont know. 

Andy suggested that we have black pork, which is jeju signature food. OMG THE PORK WAS TASTYYYYY, we sat on 2 tables, the girls and bryan, and the rest of the guys. Apparently there is a procedure that you have to follow to cook the perfect pork, we followed strictly, and even took a timer out LOL. Whereas on the other side, they burnt the meat, because they were careless, and the whole BBQ plate was on fire at one point LOL. Then the staff came and did it for them. Andy drove us back to the hotel as a special service, because David is Korean LOL. Apparently he was supposed to leave at 6, but when we finished eating it was already past 7, andy is such a nice guy lol. 

After we got back to the hotel, took showers, chilled a bit, then David suggested that we get smashed. THE 2nd BIGGEST LOLS of the trip happened. Basically david got super smashed, like SUPER SMASH BRO. lol, lame. Anyway, because we are going to climb mt hallasan on the third day, and its not a good idea to climb the mountain while being hangover, so we decided today was the best day for us. 

So David, bryan and pua went downstairs to the convenience store to grab some drinks, got some cider, whisky, random plum soju, and normal soju. Then bryan decided to be the bartender, and started mixing random shits together LOL. Tasted so bad, but soju and cider mixed together is quite nice. Everyone was drinking except for Brandon, he was just playing with his psp, Im glad he didnt drink though. Everyone started getting a little tipsy, then bryan was summoned by megan, and told him to buy some tooth brush for her. At the point Bryan was already drunk, and had a hard time standing up straight, and he still had to buy toothbrush for her LOL poor bryan. So while we waited for him, we kept drinking, Didnt notice how much david drank, i think he sneakily drank the left over whisky by himself. Pua was like OMG EARTH QUAKE EVERYONE GET ON THE GROUND, and i was just rofling and laughing my ass off. After bryan came back, David was already smashed, and started mumbling shits. I was feeling ok, just had a little headache, even though i didnt drink much, i think its because of mixing the drinks. Anyway Then david got super smashed, and pua just fell asleep and didnt give a shit. David was super high, he kept trying to stand up, but failing, Brandon was sober, so me and brandon tried to hold him down, and we were like should we get jess? Then we decided not to, it's so embarrassing for us when she sees us in this state LOL. Everytime I try to hold david down, he'd start biting me, i think i still have his biting marks till this day LOL. Then i felt kind of sick, and ran to the toilet and puked out a lot of shit. I ate quite a lot for dinner as well, and all the pork and veggies came out with the alcohol, OMG FELT SO GOOD afterwards. We continued to restrain david from moving, and it wasnt working, he was so energetic, and moving like a bear LOL. Then we decided to get jess here, to help clean shit up, since shes an expert at treating people like david LOL, but apparently she hasnt seen anyone like him LOL. David was calling for Calene, and when jess came in david was like OMG IS IT CALENE, OMG DOES CALENE KNOW IM DRUNK SO ROFL. So jess forced david to drink some water, and then she left, I feel so sorry for brandon LOL, he had to keep david in palce, untill he fell asleep which is like 2-3am in the morning LOL

I fell asleep a little later after jess left,  I dont even LOL, never letting david to get drunk again, ffs so much hassle lol. And it was also my first time I puked after drinking alcohol, definitely not a pleasant experience. Even though i didnt drink that much. I think it was because the mixing of drinks, and also that i ate too much for dinner. 

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