Saturday, October 5, 2013

work, work work

So recently i found 2 jobs, one at healthy habits at knox, the other one is cacao green at chadstone. Well, the healthy habits place is owned by a family friend, so im just kinda helping out.

First shift at healthy habits, last thursday. It wasn't that hard, it's kinda like subway, where they can customise their own sandwiches, or they can buy the premade stuff thats already there. The only challenging bit is probs making coffee, as i hardly drink coffee, and have limited knowledge of it, but i didnt have to worry about it, because other people there that can make coffee. So i met some pretty cool people there, and there was this one girl called lily, who also went to GWSC, and also knows fred wong, lol what a coincidence. It's funny how it's called healthy habits, but a lot of the shit they sell arent even close to "healthy". How the fk is lasagne with full fat cheese even close to being healthy? Also chicken schnitzel is healthy? Dafaq since when is fried chicken healthy, i dont even..... But if you know what to order, some stuff are actually healthy, like chicken breast and avocado, and salads. Its funny and ironic how people come to healthy habits to buy "healthy" chicken schnitzel.  Why dont you just go to fkn KFC if you want fried chicken? Im pretty sure KFC chicken tastes better as well. Sigh, people these days try so hard to eat healthy, but end up making the wrong choice. I kinda feel sad when an overweight person comes to healthy habit to buy "healthy" food, but end up getting junk anyway.

First shift for cacao green on last saturday. Learnt a lot of new stuff. Working there is not as easy as i thought lol, i thought it seemed like a really easy job, just standing there doing nothing but swirling yoghurt, then i was wrong, there are actually quite a bit of stuff to do. Cutting fruits, sweeping, mopping, wiping shit, cleaning shit, making waffles, making coffees, etc. It was really awkward when i first got there, I always thought the boss' name was ryan, so i went up to the counter and i was like is ryan here? and i repeated like 5 times, untill he said, do u mean ray? im ray. so awks lol...... Swirling yoghurt is actually pretty hard, as you have to get to certain amount of yoghurt per cup, like for the junior cup its 160g+-5g, so you gotta be pretty accurate.

Today i drove to cacao green to work, first time driving to chaddy lol, kinda got lost, i got off the freeway, and didnt turn, so i kept on going, and the FKN gps wasnt working for a while, so i was late to work lawl. and i almost fkn crashed and died, while i was changing lane FUCK im so bad at driving. I also screwed up pretty bad at making waffles, well, i guess there is always a first time right? Pretty sure i can do better than that.

And also i have another assignment due on monday thats worths 20% and Ive just started, and i still have work tommorow, LOL fuck me, wtf have i been doing. O well, i'll try to finish this shit off by tonight. Doesnt seem that hard anyway