Friday, August 16, 2013

Korea Day5 05/07/2013

We decided to go CABI today, so we were all excited and woke up early today. We took a train to Gangnam station, and walked around looking for the bus to go to CABI, but we couldn't find it, but we found a lotteria on the way, everyone was hungry because we didnt have breaky, so we decided to eat something there.
I ate a few pieces of toast before I left, so I wasn't hungry at all, so I got this shaved ice thingy, which tasted really nice, because it had red bean on it LOL. Jess got an americano coffee, it's really popular here in Korea for some reason, I had a taste and almost puked. SO FKN BITTER, almost as bitter as fkn chinese medicine. I guess it's similar to espresso. We walked around randomly, trying to find the bus to CABI, then we finally found it after a long time LOL. I took a nap on the bus.
We arrived at this place, which was in the middle of no where, we had to then take a shuttle bus to CABI. We went in to the wave pool first, but apparently you cant go in to the waves without a life jacket. LIKE ARE YOU FKN KIDDING ME, we are grown up 20 YO adults, and you are telling us to get a fkn life jacket in a swimming pool? Well, since we wanted to go in, so we rented a few life jackets. The wave pool was fun, and they had massive waves, not like the typical australian swimming pool, this was was like MASSIVE. Like tsunami size waves lol, maybe thats too much, but it was really fun. We had to wait for waves to come, it comes like every other minute or so. There were so many people in the pool, i got kicked so many times, and almost got kicked in the balls, FFS. OMG PDA EVERYWHERE SERIOUSLY, GET A FKN ROOM GUYS. I saw this guy trying to coach his gf? how to swim and shit, and he started grabbing her boobs, then I was like wtf? And there were many people like them, I dont even....... seriously......
We came out of the pool, and went for a water slide. My feet were so painful, because we had to walk on rocky paths barefoot, now I know how the runningman members felt doing skipping ropes on the freaking acupuncture mat. There were 3 slides there, but only 2 were available, the white enclosed one was out of service. There was this super steep one, and a less steep one, the super steep one seemed really scary, so i gave up on that one. We had to line up for quite a while, like around maybe 30minutes. I got up there and i was like shitting myself, because I was scared that I might like fall off, and fall off into the bushes and die. The slide was like on top of a forest/bush. As i sat on the slide, all of the fear were gone, I just didn't give a crap anymore, I tried to open my eyes while going down, but that didnt work, cause of the wind blowing into my face.
Then we went to another slide, this one was with a tube, you can go as singular or a pair, I went with brandon because the line was shorter. This one was ok, not even scary, pretty fun actually.
Then we decided to go on another tube slide, this was a 4 person tube. We had to wait for AGGGESS, for this one like close to 1hr maybe. This one was so much taller than the other one. Got to the top, i shared a tube with pua, david, and brandon, Freaking david kept shaking the tube, and while we took the sharp turn, it felt like we were gonna fly out of the slide LOL. After that, we waited in line for the boomerang slide, which was right next to the one we took previously. This one seemed really interesting, at the end of the slide theres a really steep part, then theres a broad board like thingy where you go up and down, its hard to explain lol.  THe long was super long as well, probs waited close to 1hr again, me pua brandon jess and david just started playing hitting games, because we were so bored. Pua and Brandon hit jess so hard that she started internal bleeding LOL. We got to the top, we had the same people on the tube, We tried to get really high at the boomerang part, which we did, seemed like we almost flew off the slide.
The last slide we went to was the aqua drop, it's an exclosed slide, so doesnt seem that scary. Me, pua, david, bryan wanted to do it, then later on Calene and Jess decided to follow too. There was this TV showing you what to do if you get stuck in the middle of the slide, I was really scared, cause I didnt know what to do as it was in korean. We got to the top, the staff told as to get inside this capsule like thingy, where you just stand there. At the bottom of you feet, there a door/shutter thingy that opens, so there was this creepy voice counting down 3,2,1 then DROP FUARKKK, literally dropped in air for a few seconds, before my ass touched the slide. I tried to open my eyes, but couldnt do it, water keeps splashing into my eyes. It was pretty fun, but scary at the same time lol.
We decided to head back, then we saw this indoor part that we havent been to, so we went there, and there was nothing much, just a wave pool for little kids. Then jess realised she didnt give back the locker keys, so we waited for jess calene and david while they went to return the keys.
We went to the change room, took a shower, and got changed. There was this drying machine thingy which was pretty cool, supposed to be only for towel, but everyone was drying their clothes and shit in there, so i did too LOL.
Was super tired after an entire day walking around, and having fun, and stressing and being scared. LOL, was an awesome day though.
We got off at gangnam, ALOT more people than in the morning, I guess people are preparing for nightlife? So damn crowded. We decided to eat the 8 colored bbq pork thingy in incheon, which is like 1 stop before our apartment. OMG THAT SHIT WAS SO GOOD. There were 8 flavours of pork belly, including curry, herb, garlic, wine and etc. So apparently the person is suppsoed to serve us, and we were supposed to follow the order of the flavour they served. But pua or david just put random flavours on the freaking bbq plate, and screwed up LOL, well i guess it doesnt matter that much meat is meat, not that much difference. But i guess we were supposed to eat the weaker flavoured ones first and then the heavy flavour ones later on. OH WELLLS. They also provided a kimchi/seafood soup thingy, which was really tastey, apparently we werent supposed to finish the whole thing, as the left over soup will be cooked with rice and cheese into a fried rice. We finished first and forgot to turn the fire off/down, and the whole pot ended up drying out LOL, no soup was left on ourside, therefore the fried rice cannot be cooked. Luckily on the other table they had quite a bit of soup left, so we stir fried 2 servings of rice and chees on the other table, and it was SUPER CHEESY . I think koreans love cheese LOL.
We got home, and it was still early like 8/9 ish, jess wanted to go Noraebang, which is a korean karaoke place. We walked to some random streets in Hongdae that we havent been to, it's really busy there, a lot of restaurants and shops and people around, the night life is awesome in Korea, so much stuff to do. There were many grilled intestine places around, I've always wanted to try, but I was too full from the pork, so didn't eat anything.
We arrived at the Karaoke palce, It was 4 dollars per hour, and with extra dollar, you can get free food and drinks, so we were like yea y not. The place was really fancy, looked super nice inside, almsot like a 5 star hotel. They have a lot of nice drinks and food as well, Ice cream, popcorn, soft drink, slurpy, ice tea and alot other stuff. Bryan was kinda sick on the day, but jess and bryan just went nuts singing and screaming. It was fun, but brandon was bored, he doesnt enjoy karaoke much i guess. We went home at like11ish and started packing shit, since we were heading to busan the next day.

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