Friday, February 22, 2013

clubbing, not bad at all.

Last friday, I went clubbing with Leon, Victor, Tony, Kate and Emmy. The other day, Tony asked me and leon to go clubbing with him, because he'll be going with emmy and her pharmacy friends, and he wanted us to keep him company.
So me leon, victor and kate took a train to flinder street, while tony and emmy were eatting dinner with their pharmacy friends, we met outside alumbra, had a little shot bottle thingy to drink before going in, dam the smirnoff tastes so bad, but apparently because it's warm, and it's better chilled. 
So then we went in, and got some drinks then went to the dance floor. IT WAS SO FKN LOUD, as soon as i went in, i just went fully deaf, couldnt even hold a conversation in there. Was crowded as well, couldn't move without touching anyone else. It was overall a good experience, at first i thought clubbing isnt the thing for me, but after i got a lil tipsy, it got easier to dance around and stuff. I would come back if i had a few close friends with me, its not too bad. 
It's the first time i've drank this much alcohol, had 2 shots tequila, 1 rum and coke, 1midori, and 1 smirnoff, i'm supprised i was actually sober at the end of the night. leon was like all loud and crazy lol. 
and also leon danced with this cute asian chick at the club, after a bit of researching and stalking, apparently she has a boyfriend, LOL badluck leon, next time. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Only worked for 3 days this week, worked at hampton park PSW store for the first time on tuesday. Had to wake up so damn early, got to pua's house at around 8, then his mum took us to the hampton park store. This store is SOOOOO big, like about 3 times the size of the waverley store, the warehouse is massive, you can actually play hide and seek in there. Oh and pua's dad is so good at cooking, i had some of the peanut cookies he made, OMG it was so good, almost the same as the ones u buy in store. 

On friday, Leon texted me, and asked me if i wanted to go out and hang for a bit, I had nothing else to do on friday night so might as well catch up with them. Leon came to pick me up at my house, he has such a sick as  audi, so maximum jelly. Then we drove down to nunawading stadium to watch james' game, after the game me, doojin, leon, amir went to gloria jeans to wait for zafil, and i saw this CUTE AS asian chick at gloria jeans, she is so damn CUTE, i think i might have fallen in love LOL. Then we went to petalling to eat some stuff, i was on a diet so didnt order anything. Later on tony came too, we chatted for a bit, its nice to catch up with these boys once in a while, since i dont see them that often except for tony. We were such great friends back in high school, but we kinda drifted apart, its pretty sad. 

Saturday was just an ordinary day, helped parents make dumplings and cook CNY eve food, ate dumplings, and watched the CNY spring gala festival thingy on TV, was pretty amazed how good it is this year. 

Sunday, leon invited me to go to china town for the CNY festival, tony, leon and victor all came, I miss hanging with these guys, its sad that i dont see them often. Took a train to flinders street, and walked to china town, watched the lion dance and dragon dance, was pretty interesting. The group was a taiwanese group, it's sad how the Taiwanese people treasure the Chinese culture more than the mainland people. We walked around the stalls looking for some food, me and leon stopped at this potato twist place. Waited in the queue for at least 30mins, then i got a free potato twist, because the guy got confused LOL. Havent seen this many people since new years eve fireworks. Then we went to Stalacites for some souvlaki, i had to eat vegetarian for a day because of Buddhism stuff, the first day of luna calendar ill have to eat vegetarian. Walked around the city, and went to the crown side to see james. Found james working at a malaysian food stall, said hi and went to check out the other stalls along the street, this place isnt as crowded as china town, but still pretty damn packed. walked around bought some food, drink, coconut juice and stuff, also saw kate there, we kind of wanted to ditch victor and leave them alone, but since there are so many people it's impossible. Also saw jeremy, mathew, and rachel there. Then we went to crown, and went inside casino to play, because kate wanted to go, and victor had to follow, and victor wanted us to follow too. So we went in, and played roulette, it's my first time being inside the actual casino, makes me feel so rich LOL. Had to learn how to play roulette, it's pretty easy to learn. So i spent $15 and ended up earning $25 LOL, SO HAPPY, maybe its just beginners luck, but still, good enough. Then took the train home, and went gym. Was an awesome day, hope i get to hang with this guys more often. 
Really need a new comp, fkn laptop overheats everytime when i play DOTA or any other game, so fkn sad. and also paid for the flight tickets to HK and korea, cannot wait for the trip. 
that is all for now, no work next week YAY, or should i say NOOOO dam no more moneyz =(

Sunday, February 3, 2013


nothing much happened last week, had friday off, because it wasnt that busy. Tony talked to me on fb, and told me to fill in for his bball team, i had nothing else to do that night, so i went. Tony came and picked me up at around 9 ish, the game is at 9:15. had a shoot around for 5 mins, all warmed up and ready to go. I havent played full court bball in ages, at least 2 months now. got tired as fk after like 15mins. Didnt take many shots,  took around 3 shots in total but all missed, meh really need to start practising bball again. I guess it was a bad day for us, people missed wide open shots and layups. In the second half we managed to catch up with our defense. we were down by 2 in the final 10secs, tony dribbled up the ball, and found me free in the corner, i took a few dribbles and then shot a teardrop FOR THE WIN!!!!! OMG my first game tieing shot of my life lawl, was pretty excited and there was so much pressure. after i made the shot everyone was going crazy. Then we went to petalling street to celebrate, though theres not much to celebrate because we didnt win the game, but still it was a tie, at least we didnt lose.

Also I'm trying to go on a cutting diet, consists of mainly lean meat and veggies, and a little carbs. I want to get into my best shape before the korea trip. hope i'll stay consistent with the diet, and dont give up half way through.

that is all for the past week, meh more work next week o well, gotta earn more money for the korea trip.