Sunday, August 18, 2013

my 20th bday

It was my 20th birthday on saturday, I didnt do much on the day. I really dont care about birthdays that much, I really dont see much point in that. It's just like any other normal day.
This year I decided to celebrate my birthday with friends, so on sunday I booked a restaurant so we can have lunch together. I've been doing a lot of researches as where to go, I thought of eating hotpot, because EVERYONE loves hotpot, and its winter, hotpot would be great. First i though of the Chongqing Hotpot in glenny, its buffet $29 all you can eat. I went there to check it out, and it wasnt that great, the selections were very small, and the quality of the hotpot doesnt seem that great, the only plus is that they had little dim sims, and dumplings as well. I had to take in considerations as how people can get to the restaurant, I mainly thought about places in glenny, since it's close to everyone. Then mum suggested somewhere else in Boxhill, It's a little bit further from glenny, and alot of people cant drive, so i wasnt too sure. I personally went there to try it out before deciding whether to eat here or not. It surprised me, it tasted really good, probably the best quality hotpot I've ever had in Melbourne.
On saturday, me and mum went to boxhill to try this place out. Every single person get a pot of soup base for themselves. It's special, I think it's the first restaurant in Melbourne to do this. You also get unlimited free sauces, and the environment is great too. The quality of the food is outstanding, cannot compare to the regular ones you eat. So then I decided to come here for my birthday.
We arrived at 11:30, Tony was the first to get there. We chatted a little bit, and explained how it works. We waited a little bit untilll the majority of the group arrived. David came with calene megan pua and bryan. I thought Pua still has to go to his drving lesson at 1, so we started ordering. After a while jess and victor came too. It was a really satisfying meal, we ordered a lot of food, and it wasnt enough, so we had to order more in the end. We also had a fruity cake from cake world. I love cakes from cakeworld and breadtop, tastes so damn good, i could finish one by myself. Also the card they wrote for me is so much LOLOLS. tony and doojin got me a celtics jersey, while the other guys bought me a pair of free runs, They knew my free runs broke while climbing mt hallasan, so they bought me a new pair, very considerate of you guys, im really grateful for the pressents.
After finished eatting, we decided to go grab some ice cream from safeway, everyone's tongue was burning from the spicy soup. Then we decided to go to karaoke, everyone went, except for pua brandon and key, they wanted to study, so we went on without them. This karaoke is really nice, at the time it was $20 for 5 hours if u can last that long. You also get $20 worth of food and drinks. I was fully screaming my ass off, though i think tony didnt really like it, he was texting the whole time lol. Time flies so fast when you are having fun, after a while it was already 6 o'clock.  We also wanted to watch a movie at knox at 7, so we left the karaoke.
David drove us all to knox, and met up with pua. We were going to watch "this is the end". It was an OK movie, pretty funny, very random, a lot of lame and sexual jokes, and a lot of penises everywhere. Not much storyline, well i guess enough storyline for a comedy movie. Everyone got hungry because we didnt eat dinner, so we went to grilld to get some burger. I was still full from hotpot so i didnt eat anything. Then we went off, david dropped of everyone once again. David is so nice, Once i get my green p's ill have to start taking people as well, cannot let david do it all the time. Im very grateful for what he has done for us, such a great friend, very glad I got to know him in yr12.

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