Saturday, August 17, 2013

Korea Day6 06/07/2013

Today we were heading off to BUSAN. Woke up super early in the morning, cause our KTX was at like 9ish or something. We had breakfast at the KTX station, they had like a food court thingy there. I forgot what i had, i think i had naengmyun or something.
The ktx looked really cool, like one of those I saw on TV with the really pointy head LOL. We got on the KTX i slept immediately LOL We got off at busan station, Busan seems more like country side compared to Seoul. We got some traditional hodeok at the station, really tasty, deep fried, super crispy, hot and sweet inside. Korea street foods are the best. Some random people were playing random music and isntruments outside the station, some kind of cult i guess, they had symbols and shit like that.
Our guest house was at Haeundae, which is a pretty famous beach place in Busan, i guess its kinda like Chealsea or St kilda, they are all famous for their beaches.
We arrived at the guest house, it seemed like a really nice place. the guest house was on level 3 and we had to hand carry all the luggages, because there was no elevator, o well, good work out lol. David talked a bit with the reception guy, and we got our room, which had 4 bunk beds, i shared a bunk with brandon, i was at the bottom. This reminds me of the highschool nayook camps, where we'd have bunks close to each other and we can chat and play and do retarded shits LOL. The only downside was that they had public toilets and showers, but i guess it's ok since the guest house isnt that big, and the toilets are pretty clean as well.
Then david was talking to the reception guy about where to go in Busan, after they were done talking, we went down to grab some lunch. Busan is a port, and its famous for the seafood. Right next to our guest house, there was a whole street filled with seafood restaurants, We didnt know where to go, so we just found a random one that seems busy LOL. All the ajuma were desperate though, they were all standing outside of the restaurant trying to get us to eat at their places. We had some seafood pancake, a seafood stew, and some random fish stirfried with bean sprouts. I liked everything else except for the fish, it tasted really weird, and super chewy.
After lunch we decided to go to busan aquarium, which is right next to us. I think it was like around $25 each person, which is a decent price for aquarium, i guess all aquariums have similar entry price. Pretty boring IMO, all aquariums are the same, all the same kind of fishes, the one in Hongkong was similar too. The ticket we bought includes this 4D movie, I was expecting something cool, but then it ended up being a short ice age clip, i was like WTF i dont even.....We came out grabbed some lotteria, then headed out.
We came out of the aquarium, and right outside is the Haundae Beach, the beach is pretty crowded, we walked along the beach (on the path), then we found some benches and rested for a bit. We saw some super low clouds covering a really tall building, looked like smoke came out of the building. I was like, wtf is it on fire or something? Then i realised it's actually just cloud....

We were planning to take a walk towards the light house, we walked not even half way, and there was this night market place selling all different kinds of street food, and they also had LIVE OCTOPUSSSSSSS, I've always wanted to try since the day we decided to come to Korea. We bought some deoboki, chicken skewers, a cup of boiled cocoon, and live octopus. I loved the live octopus, they take it out of the water tank and chop it up straight away. The tentacles are still moving, and when you put it in your mouth, the sucking plates sucks onto your mouth, it feels so weird. It taste really good when you eat it with garlic and chilli sauce. The bugs tasted weird though, when you bite it bug juice comes out, and it has like a sandy and creamy texture, was bitter too. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
Then we decided to head back and grab dinner. It was too dark to do anything else anyway. So on our way back we found this pretty popular restaurant, the first floor was all full, so we had to go up to the 2nd floor, 2nd floor was empty, we pretty much had the whole floor just to us. We had some kind of stew again, no one was hungry, i think i ate the most AGAIN lol. We were talking about getting plastic surgery, and how david wanted bigger eyes. Then i showed them my double eyelid trick, then they laughed their asses off, i dont even.......
Went back to the guest house, went to take a shower, then I FKN REALISED MY WHOLE BOTTLE OF SUNSCREEN JUST FKN LEAKED ALLL OVER THE PLACE FUARKKKK. SO SADDDD. the outside of my tooth paste were all oily as fk. washed everything after the shower, and chucked away a few things so sadddd =(.
After everyone finished showering we started playing blackjack, I had shit load of coins with me, might as well get rid off them, I never bothered spending coins lol. #highroller #yolo #swag David was the dealer, and i think HE CHEATED FUARK BS. I almost won like so many times, and then david always ended up getting a blackjack, what even.......
We so rebels, we played untill after 12, even though there were notifications saying no noise after 12.

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