Monday, December 31, 2012


On the last day of 2012 I went with family to watch fireworks in the city, met up with Pua and Brandon there, was so damn crowded, this is the only day it gets so crowded in melbourne.

2012 has been an awesome year, cant believe it went by so fast. Some highlights were rosebud beach, Uni life, hanging out with friends in medley, and definitely when i received the email that says i was accepted into bachelor of Nutrition science. I'm so glad that i got the offer, even though i didn't work that hard...... OH and im also glad that the world didn't end, i have so many shit that i have to try. 

Hope 2013 will be a great year too, my new years resolution includes:
  • study harder, get organised, and try to trasfer into bachelor of nutrition and dietitics
  • lose some fat, and have a strict diet, and get a great physique, and possibly a sicpack by the end next summer
  • find a new job
  • be more confident
that is all for now, we'll see if i can keep any of them =D

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas and New years

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ bored as once again, haven't been working since its the Christmas/new years break, will be working again next week. Have nothing else to do at home, I've started watching Running Man, its a pretty good show, though it's kinda long, every episode is like 1 hours long, takes so much time lol. It's so funny though, I keep laughing like a retard, one time my mom walked in while I was laughing my ass off, she was like WTF is my son retarded or something?

On boxing day I went to watch Hobbits with Brandon and David in the morning, then went to shopping with David at Moorabin DFO. Bought quite a bit of stuff, Superdry was so damn cheap, 70% off everything. I bought a SD belt and bag, addidas bag, vans shoes, and a few shirts. It was money well spent. Was tired as fk after shopping for like 6 hours.

I have also been watching LOTR triology, David and Brandon were so surprised that i haven't seen such a classic movie, that's why im trying to catch up.

I also bought an ukulele on Ebay, I always wanted to learn some kind of instrument, and now since I'm so bored, I've decided to buy it, and do something a little productive.
maybe I can become pro like him one day? LOL doubt it.....

I've been driving around quite a lot as well, since my mom will be going back to china next year as well, I have to get my Ps asap, and start driving by myself.

I've also been accepted into Bachelor of Nutrition science, i guess it another step closer to my goal. Though the result is not as good as I expected, but I'm still pretty happy about it.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bored as fk

FUUUUUU it's getting so boring, only work 2 days this week, not many stock came in, so I didnt have to work as much. Only worked on monday and tuesday, I actually want to work more, so i can make some money, and find something to do, instead of sitting at home, playing ps3 and computer.

I've started playing maplestory again since im bored as fk, it brings back so many memories, I still remember everyone played in primary school, and i woke up early just to get the double exp. In highschool, alot of people played as well, like almost half of the year level played. I still remember playing with her, and many other friends. Maple has change so much since then, but it was a great memory playing with so many friends.

On Wednesday Pua had a early Christmas party.  Me and David went early to help Pua. Everyone had to bring a dish. We also had KK, I got David, didn't know what to buy, so i just got him a box of Lindt chocolate. Pua trolled me so hard..... he gave me a One direction folder, and some stationery. I was like WTF, how am I gonna use this shit, it's embarrassing as fk. I'll probs just give it away to some little girl later.......

Thuesday was hotasssss, we had a good as bball sesh. Me, Tony, James, Leon, Harindu, and Alex. I haven'e seen Leon for a longggggg time, we were such good friends in highschool, it's sad how we drifted apart. But i guess we always have to make new friends. We played for like 4 hours in 37 degrees, the stadium felt like a massive sauna, was sweating like crazy. Then we went to petalling to eat, it's good to hang with these people once in a while, since I don't really get to see them that often, other than Tony.

I think I mentioned this in the previous post, my dad went back to china. Today my mum and grandmother went to Sydney, they'll be there for 4 days, I'll have to live by myself. It's good to get a taste of living by yourself. You'll have to move out one day, so it's always good to learn to take care of yourself. I'll probs start living by myself next year, if my dad's business in china is successful then my mum will be going back too.

Today is the 15/12/12 6 more days to 21/12/12. I don't completely believe in this, but it's always better to prepare right? I don't think the world will really end, but something amazing is going to happen on 21/12/12. I dont know maybe not, but still, I've started preparing, bought candles, supplies, first aid stuff. Still got a few things left to buy. It'll be really sad if something really happens on 21/12/12. I still haven't live my life to fullest. Still don't have a girlfriend, don't have my own family, haven't got a real job, haven't been to a strip club, haven't been inside the casino, OMG HAVENT DONE SO MANY SHITS. oh well, whats gonna happen is gonna happen, no point worrying about it. Some people will laugh at me for this, but let's wait and see what's gonna happen.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

holidays are getting boring already =(

so today i started working at PSW, some random uniform shop located near the mount waverley station. Pua introduced me to work here, the job is quite easy, easier than i expected, and the pay is decent too. This is the best job i've ever had so far. I mainly work at the back, my job includes sorting out stocks, restocking and count the stocks and arrange them. Im gonna be working everyday, but only for a few hours.

So my dad went back to china like last week for some businese. So i guess ill have to work hard and earn as much money as possible, i might have to take on some cleaner job with my mum as well. The holidays have been pretty boring, so might as well work hard, and keep myself occupied.

2 weeks ago we went to this beach trip thingy, which was pretty fun, the other guys have been there already last year for schoolies while i was back in china. The weather was pretty good, wasnt too sunny, but still warm enough to go to the beach. It feels awesome to live with a group of friends alone, without parents. We went to the beach like pretty much everyday, i'm not so much of a beach person, but it's still fun when you go with friends. We also made david into a merman at the beach, with big boobs and penis LOL.

on the 3rd night, we played some drinking game, i remember brandon was high as fk lol, he was laughing and  rolling on the floor the whole time, literally rofling. Pua drank too much and started puking, when i went to bed i saw him puking, and offered him a bag.

other than going to the beach, we spent most of the time inside the house. We had cooking competition, pua planned out everything, our team made caesar salad, beef stir fried noodle and apple crumble. Tasted pretty awesome IMO, but we still lost =( Overal it was a good experience, and also fun to spend time with ur friends. I hope maybe we can go somewhere further next year, maybe gold coast or QLD, or maybe even korea or japan? we'll see how it works out.