Tuesday, August 6, 2013

HK day1 28/06/2013

On the day before we left, we had a catch up dinner with everyone, since we were all done with exams, and we will be leaving the next day. After we had dinner I went home, then david and pua came to my house for a sleep over, because our flight is at 7:30 in the morning, and we'll have to wake up super early, so i thought it'd be better for them to sleep over at mine, since my dad is taking us there. Pua and david both came at around the same time, we checked our luggage, and did some last minute packing. Then i asked my mum for some moneyzzz, then she was like super worried that im bringing too much cash, but then there is no other way lolzzzz. then we played some games, PS3 until like 2ish, our plan was to not sleep at night, and sleep on the plane.
Woke up at around 5ish, ate breakfast, and drove off to the airport. everything was going well, checked in, went to our gate, and pua bought this emu jerky thing, which tasted pretty weird, but we still finished it all. Pua and david were all watching movies on the plane, i just slept through the whole thing, typical snorlax LOL. we got to HK at around 3ish, got a cab at the airport to bring us to our little shitty guest house. the cab didnt drop us off at the exact place, so we were walking around randomly trying to look for our place, and it turns out to be right in front of us, such retards....... So our guest house was in a very old but tall building around tsim sha tsui station. The building had a really weird atmosphere, alot of Indian, africans, arab, muslims, and various other dark skined people. not being racist or anything, but it felt weird, not sure if we were in HK or India. there were a lot of indian restaurants in the building as well, the whole building smelled like curry. It didnt feel really safe at all...... but i guess at least the location is good, and its super cheap around $20 per person per night.
So we took a lift to the 13th floor, even the lift didnt feel very safe, it was super dodgy, i was scared we were gonna get stuck. as we went to our guest house, this Indian guy came out and greeted us. Went into our room, and it was SUPER FKN TINY, there were 2 single beds (maybe a little bigger), and no where to walk around. Lucky there was air con in there, we left the air con on for the entire time. Bathroom was fkn tiny too, o well cannot complain, i kinda expected this, i was told by my parents that its normal in HK. we took a shower, chilled for a lil bit in the room, and went out to Tsui Wah cafe for dinner. I ordered a pork chop rice, which was really nice, pork chop was massive and the sauce was good too, and IT WAS SO CHEAP, ok maybe not that cheap maybe around 10 AUD. Also tried out the HK style milk tea, IT WAS SO AWESOME, i guess Key was right, hk style milk tea is actually better than most of the milk tea u get in melbourne. Tea flavor was very strong, and was super smooth. we drank it pretty much everyday for every meal lol.

after dinner we went down to the subway station to figure out how to get to ladies market, we walked around and asked a few people, lucky they were all able to speak mandarin. So we took a train to ladies market, and walked around and bought a few shirts, hats, and other little shits. We also had heaps of street food, was so full afterwards LOL. we had coconut juice, egg waffles, curry fish balls, ALOT of mango desserts. OMG the desserts were FKN CHEAP FOR REALSSSSS. So for the FULL SET IT WAS ONLY 15 AUD OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. too good to be true seriously, they all tasted so gooooooood as well, alot of fresh mangoes. after eating shit load of food, we kept walking around the market, didnt buy much after that. Went back to our place and slept. 

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