Saturday, August 10, 2013

Korea Day3 03/07/2013

Decided to go to hello kitty cafe today, it was really close to where we lived, like around 10min walk? It was SOOOO PINKK AND CUTE inside, i think my manliness level just dropped down by like 100%, cutness level over 9000, im too manly for this shit lol, but its pretty nice inside. Went downstairs to order some food, all foods are hello kitty shaped, i got a waffle and a mocha again. The waffle was actually good, i thought that this place is just for looks, but the food is actually not bad.

Then we headed off to lotteworld, its inside a station which was very convenient. the entrance fee was like around $40 aud, which is a reasonable price for a theme park.
first thing we went to was this horror ghost house, we had to pay extra $5 because it was apparently not a "ride", it was really disappointing nothing even that scary, megan wasnt even scared, thats how bad it is. 
we came out, and it was time for the parade to start, we found a place to sit and watch the parade, it was pretty interesting, but im already too old for this shit LOL. the good bit was when the chicks with bikini came out LOL, i kid, but i was surprised there were alot of white Caucasian performers.
then we went to the outside bit of lotteworld. first we went on a roller coaster like ride. It didnt go upside down, but it accelerated super fast at the start, and it was actually pretty fun. 
I didnt go on many rides, me and calene waited while they all went onto the giant round swing thingy. we walked around, and found bumper cars, because thats the only thing calene wanted to do, so we followed. I love bumper cars, so fun, and not even dangerous at all, Im good at driving too LOL. 
The other guys went on this gyro drop as well, i was like wtf is this shit, im never going on that crap, looked scary as fuck. Me brandon and the girls were just waiting down there, i almost shit my pants just watching from the ground.
we also found this shooting game, where you get an air rifle and shoot capsule like bullets. I was really bad hit like 1/5, brandon was good he hit like 3/5, bryan was just too good i think he hit 4/5.
We went back indoors, and lined up for this indoor hot air balloon thingy, we lined up for ages, it was such a waste of time, nothing special at all. just can get a full view of the litteworld, pretty gay imo. Afterwards they wanted to go for the indoor rollercoaster, which i already cbs, so i waited with calene and brandon. We saw this guy drawing caricatures, i was rally interested, but calene got her drawn first, then i was like yolo, so i got one drawn as well. Lucky the guy who drew spoke english, he was a funny guy, asked me if i have anything in mind that i want him to draw, i said no, and he ended up drawing me like a tarzan, was pretty funny though LOL. After we finished our caricatures, they were still lining up for the roller coaster, so we went to this indoor bumper car, had nothing to do anyway. after we finished they just finished as well, we met up and starting to leave lotteworld, but then brandon got a blood nose again, so we were waiting while he was cleaning up his mass.
After brandon was done, we decided to eat at this folk museum thing at lotteworld, they had traditional korean dishes there. They served this traditional korean fermented fish, I've always wanted to try it, apparently it tastes really bad, and even koreans cant stand it. I ate some, it wasnt that bad, just tasted a lil weird, a lil like alohol, and ammonia. but its ok when you eat it with kimchi and pork. We also had alot of other stuff, chicken soup, stews, and other shits cant remember. 
Lotteworld was already closed after we finished eating, we didnt know how to get out and get back to the train station without going through lotteworld, so we just randomly walked around and found the trainstation lawl.
Another big lawl happened tonight, we were heading home from hongdae station, pua calene and jess was walking super slow, so we ditched them. bryan and megan was walking at the very front, and got home first. me david and brandon decided to get some street food, while we were waiting for the street food, pua and them are still not back yet, so brandon decided to check on them, and said to meet back at the street food stall. Me and david thought he wanted to meet us back home, so we left after getting our food. Me david and bryan wanted to scare calene and them, so we went upstairs and hid for a while, calene and them came back, and started doing random shits, and jess started dancing, we were watching every single bit LOL they thought we werent back yet, then brandon called, and calene said we were back home yet, so brandon was still waiting downstairs at the street food stall for me and david, but we were already back home LOL then we showed ourselves, and we were like OH SHIT brandon must be mad when he comes back finding us already back home. As expected when calene called him to come back, brandon was super pissed, it was funny but scary at the same time. 

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