Saturday, August 10, 2013

HK day2 29/06/2013

We woke up pretty late, at around 10ish. We all wanted to have yumcha, so i searched on my phone for a place close to where we are staying, apparently there is one around 10mins away from us. according to reviews they have good dim sims, and its also a buffet. So we walked there, its located inside a quite fancy building/shopping center (the mira), we got there pretty early at around 10:30 ish, and it turns out the the restaurant opens at 11. So we went to a nearby starbucks, and had some coffee/drinks.
at around 11ish we went to the restaurants we were told that they dont do buffets on weekends, so we decided to go in anyway since we were there already. They brought out the menu, and we had a look, and HOLY SHIT it was expensive as fk. but YOLO, since we are here already too late to back off now, and plus it wasn't that expensive mayb just around 10aud for 3 prawn dumplings. Seriously the taste was amazing, not like any ordinary yum cha place, the dumpling was full of prawns, and tasted very fresh. even though it was a lil pricey, but  was definitely worth it, service was nice too. we spend maybe around 50aud per person.
after eating breakfast we found our way to ocean park, we took a shuttle bus from the central. It was SUPER CROWDED, even the entrance was packed full of tourists, especially mainlanders. ocean park was nothing special, just like any other theme parks, but 10 times more crowded. I lost my roller coaster virginity here, Ive never been on one before in my life. the line was super long, had to wait around 1 hour to go on, and i was super nervous, heart was beating super fast. it wasnt actually that scary, it was actually kinda fun, but i wont go on it by myself, its only fun with friends around.
you'll have to wait probs 1hr for every single fkn ride, so annoying, especially on such a hot and humid day. we bought maccas ice cream, and drinks and ice creams, but they dont even help. then we finally found some stalls that sells small water melons, omg they were life savers, even though it wasnt that chilled, but still soooooooo goooooooddddddd omggggggg.

while we were lining up for the cable cars to go down, some mainlander tried to push in lane, a lot of ppl in front got super mad, and starting telling them off, but they just ignored and kept walking. such disgrace, now i kinda get why hongkies dont like being recognised as chinese. most of the mainlander tourists are fkn disgrace to chinese ppl, even i feel ashamed.
so we left at around 6ish, tired and sweaty as fk. so we went to this street food stall near the SOHO street to eat some street seafood. The dishes were cheap, and actually was pretty dam good. had some goose intestines, tofu and fish, some kind of shells, and garlic prawns.
we went into lan gui fang, which is like a street full of bars, pubs and clubs. we seemed so out of place with our "beach outfit" everyone was suited up with nice shirt and sexy dresses and all, and we were just walking around casually in our shorts and short sleeve tshirts, so we decided to leave and stop embarrassing ourselves lol.
Then we decided to go up to the victoria peak. Line was freaking huge, everywhere in HK is crowded and have to line up for almost everything zzzzzzzzzzzz so annoyed. we lined up for around 20mins, then i saw there was another palce selling combo tickets for the peak and madame tussads museum, so we all came out of the line and asked them how much the ticket is etc. Then we were told that they will close soon, and we probs wont make it, and i asked if we can buy the peak tickets here, but apparently not. Since we came out of the line already, we went alllll the way to the back and started lining up again....... it probs took us more than 2 hours to get up to the peak..... the nightview of HK was AMAZING, definitely worth the time and money spent.

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