Sunday, August 25, 2013

Korea Day7 07/07/2013

Woke up, washed up, and was informed that they have free breakfast upstairs. I was starving, so rushed up stairs and grabbed some toast, butter and jam. They also had cereal and milk there, havent had cereal in such a long time, I missed it so bad LOL.
Then realised it was calenes birthday today, I was gonna go downstairs and say happy birthday, but i was eatting, and too lazy so i decided to wait for her to come up LOL They had this random korean show on the tv, and some guy was complaing that his sister had been groping him since he was young, and untill now she is still touching him inappropriately, like even down there, and made him feel very uncomfortable, and the guy is like 19/20 ish I was like WTF, i dont even....... what is this incest......
We cleaned up the plates, and headed off to where we wanted to go yesterday, the light house. It was a super foggy day, cannot see anything within 20meters. Was kind of raining too. We walked for a long time to get to the light house, nothing special though, but the walk was quite fun. There was a statue of a mermaid kind of thing near the ocean. I liked walking across the path, it was really nice and refreshing. Then we decided to head off to the APEC house, which is in the same direction. We got there, and it was just a massive conference place, nothing special lol. I also broke my umbrella here, I was just spinning it, and nekminit, SNAP NOOO so sad, it snapped in half LOL
We walked all the way back, and it was time for lunch already lol. We decided to eat Mr Pizza, since its pretty popular in Korea. BUT the pizzas were all expensive as hell, one pizza was like $30? but it tasted so good though. There was this cake decorating place just upstairs, and it turns out that it was all planned by david. He wanted to have Mr. pizza because the cake place was right upstairs. WHAT A SURPRISE LOL, dont know if calene was surprised though, fair effort by david.
We got a heart shaped cake, and 3 different colored cream for decoration. We had purple green and white cream. I was listening to the guy explaining how to use the squeezy thingy, I didnt understand what he was saying, but i could tell from his actions. Apparently i was good at it LOL, I dont even.......
the other guys just went around and looked for random decorations. We had these stick biscuits, which they wanted to make a house out of it. Out of curiosity, I just wanted to try one, and see what it tasted like, I ate one and EVERYONE GOT MAD. Apparently I destroyed the balance in the number of stick. Then i was like ill eat the whole packet, and you guys can get another one LOL, but TBH the biscuit sticks tasted so bad. It turned out really pretty.
We went back to the guest house to put the cake in the fridge, then headed off to the fish market.
The fish market smelled like fish market, well no shit..... it smelled super fishy, but i could stand the smell. Then we went into this part of the market where they sell live seafood downstairs, and they have restaurants upstairs to cook for you. We witnessed something really cruel, this lady was skinning eel or some kind of long fish just by hand, just like peeling off a mandarin, i dont even........
Me pua and bryan wanted to try some sashimi, so we found this random fish, and asked if we could have sashimi. They brough the fish upstairs, and we were just waiting there at the seats. Had to take of shoes and sit on the ground AGAIN ffs so tired of this shit lol. We waited and the sashimi came, it was a BIG plate. At first it tasted good, but after a few pieces, i got a bit tired of it. Something about eating and paying, i was confused, so were the others, so alot of ppl didnt eat.
After the fish market, it was still early like 5ish? too early to go home, we were thinking of going to the bridge, but it was too early to go to the bridge, since it's famous for the night view.  So we decided to go to shinsegae, apparently one of the largest department stores. DAMN IT WAS HUGGGGGGGGGEEEEEE. We were kinda hungry, went to the food place, which seemed really fancy, a lot of the food were expensive, we split up i was with brandon and bryan, we went to the food court looking for some cheap food, then we found this onigiri for only $2, and it was BIG. We finished eatting, as we walked out of the food court, we saw pua calene and there sitting at the sushi train already eating LOL. I went full #YOLO, ate 2 of the most expensive ones, tasted so good, and you can watch the chef making the sushis.

Then we decided to split up, guys and girls, Bryan wanted to buy underwear because he ran out LOL, so we followed him, and didnt find anything. Then david was looking for clothes to buy, but everything there was expensive as shit, so we gave up. We just grabbed a sit and chilled, and waited for the girls to finish. We waited for a LONG TIME, I even took a nap LOL.
Then we headed back to the guest house, bryan was distracting calene, so we could write the cards. I think she knew anyway LOL, way too obvious.
Then we were having fun writing notes, and calene was drawing portraits of everyone. We got the cake out, and started singing happy birthday, we light the candles and calene just quickly blew it off, we were scared of the smoke alarm lol, there was one right on top of us, so we were all freaking out.
The cake tasted ok, I still liked breadtop cake better. The cream tasted really weird, it tasted like Chinese cakes.
The receptionist guy got beer for us LOL, so nice, we were just eating jajangmyun from convenience store and drinking beer, feels awesome LOL. Apprently Megan got tipsy after a sip of beer, WHAT EVEN......

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