Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blind date? Not sure if serious......

So today I had this blind date with pua's new friend's friend LOL. 
I had uni from 9-5, but since the date thingy was on tonight, I wagged the last lecture, and left uni at like 4ish. Got home at like 5ish, took a shower, got ready, and just chilled a bit by myself. I was a little nervous beforehand, but then I thought #YOLO what can go wrong. I told myself to relax, pua's there, nothing can go wrong, if there was awkward silence Im pretty sure he'll cover it LOL. I wasnt too worried, i just thought it as meeting new friends, dont have to stress about it. 
Pua's friend's name is justine, and her friend is called mel. Pua told me that they wanted to eat thai food, and decided to go paradise road. I called them up, booked  a table for four, after i finished uni. Then we decided to meet up at uni at around 6:30 ish, I had to pick them up from Uni, and then drive back to glenny. I got there at 6:30ish, had to wait for like 20minutes, outside the car, because they didnt know where i parked, so I had to stay outside and keep and eye out for them. 
After a while they finally got here, drove back to glenny, chatted a little bit on the car about random stuff. We got to paradise road, we saw edwina in there working, we said hi, and talked for a little bit. We got heaps of food, got green curry beef, softshell crabs, ribs, son in law eggs, and some prawn thingy. 
Justine is weird, so random..... but shes funny LOL. Pua said something mean, and she pretended to run outside and "cry", then pua followed her to "check" if she was alright, good effort by pua and justine, to create some space for us. We chatted for a little bit, talked about random shitz, how she met justine, and how she met pua, and talked about clubbing, hobbies, etc. Then edwina came and wished me a happy bday for saturday, Then mel found out my bday, and it turned out that i have the same bday as Justine, what a coincidence. After a while food came, so i went out to get pua and justine, and they were just standing outside the door...... I dont even......
We started eating, and Pua kept making fun of justine for her eating habits LOL, and it went on throughout the whole night. It was a really satisfying meal, was super full, and almost couldnt finish everything. Then we decided to head off to dessert story for some dessert. Then we talked about random shitz again, hobbies, high school, the mean things they did in high school LOL, it was funny hearing all these random stories. It was already around 9:30 so we decided to head home. Justine's mum came to pick her up, and I had to take Mel and Pua home. On the car we talked about the music we listen to. Apparently mel is really into stereosonic,  and wanted to go badly, but couldnt go, since shes heading back to malaysia. Mel lives near uni, like maybe 5min walk from uni. I dropped her off, and took pua home. Again we chatted about random shits, about muffins, and I dont even know what we talked about LOL. 
Overall the night was a success, Mel is pretty and all, but she really isnt my type, I wasnt attracted to her. Pua thought so too, when i told him that she isnt my type. Pua also said that I did better than he and justine expected. LOL I thought i did good too, the night never got awkward, and I talked quite a bit with Mel, O well, it was a good experience, and it's always good to know some new people. 

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