Saturday, November 23, 2013

exams n shiz

Meh, nothing interesting has been happening recently so I didnt even bother blogging. I actually wrote this post like 2 weeks ago, just keep forgetting to psot.
Had my first exam last tuesday, it went ok-ish, I think i passed LOL. Well the exam is only worth 30%, but its a hurdle, I just hope I passed. The multiple choices and matching questions were pretty easy, but i think i screwed up on the short answers though =S. I did good enough seeing i only started studying like 3 days before the actual exam, i kept procrastinating, cant do shit unless im under pressure lol, I guess 3 days isnt really enough to get through everything. Also the lectures were recorded online, and i hardly turned up to any lecture, AND materials on moodle are not even that useful, AND i had no idea what the lecture slides were talking about anyway, so yea...... I think i did ok seeing i hardly attended any lectures lol. I think i should start going to lectures next year........  I have sometime to relax before i start cramming again.
While i was procrastinating for exams, I watched the YTMA, SNSD WON VIDEO OF THE YEAR YAYAYA, they also released a new japanese single, pretty catchy song. Actually I'm not even that big of a fan, well compared to the hardcore ones at least. I didn't even buy any merchandise/posters while we were in korea, I didnt think it was worth the money. If they had a concert in australia, I wouldnt travel to other cities just to see them, I'd only go if they had one in melbourne. Also there are so many haters on twitter after they won the YTMA, kinda makes me mad, not because I'm a big fan, but because how ignorant people are. Especially during the actuall award ceromony, when tiffany went up to the stage to accept the award, hardly anyone cheered and clapped. Its kinda sad how people have no basic manners, and respect for each other. These comments almost gave me cancer, and mde me lose faith in humanity. It's funny how most of these people are justin bieber and one direction fans, probably like 12 year old girls or something. Some people asking HOW did girls generation win, well its simple, they have more dedicated fans, well no shit they won because they have more votes, and all the other fandoms didnt vote hard enough. it's pretty funny, because the other artists didnt even stand a chance against girls generation. It also pretty funny when people try to insult someone they dont even bother doing some research before hand, someone told tiffany to go back to her homeloand, but she was born in america, and was there for half of her life, so guess they r telling tiffany to go back to USA? lol wut.Kpop fans are pretty crazy, people probs made multiple youtube accounts just to vote for them, Im not even surprised that girls generation won.

I've also been listening to a lot of Korean hip-hop. IMO, they are way better than the mainstream Kpop.  I actually think they sound better than alot of the mainstream western hip-hop, if only i could understand the lyrics. some of the lyrics are so deep that Adele rolls in it. Especially songs by leessang and epik high, so much feels. Theres a song called champion by leessang, which is wrriten for their closest friend, who is a boxer and died in the boxing ring, and leessang regrets that they were busy with their career, and couldnt spend more time with their best friend, and couldnt even be there when he was dying.

I've also been listening to alot of other artists like: Simon D, Geeks, drunken tiger, dynamic duo, Bizzy, MC mong, Phantom etc

Also Yoon mi rae is such a great singer, probs one of the best female korean R&B singer, shes good at rapping too, the first time i heard it, i immediately fell in love with it, I dled all her albums, and listen to them on repeat everyday. SO GOOODD.

I think i might quit cacao green soon, shitty as pay, and i dont get enough hours. It's not even worth my drive there. Ill ask for a raise and more hours soon, if they cant do it ill just quit.
I forgot to blog about this, but I got a new comp recently. I'm so glad and grateful, my old laptop is so shitty, overheats all the freaking time, just dies on me when im playing dota2. Before when i tried to play games, I'd put an ive pack right next to the laptop, and i also have a laptop stand beneath it, and i have another tiny fan blowing onto the icepack, pretty sick setup LOL, but too bad my hand gets frozen and numb all the time.
I also played my first competitive game in a long time on sunday. The last time i played was around year 12 i guess, it has been 2 years. I play such a shitty game, i dun even wanna talk about it, but we have an alright team. Theshi, Theva, Sehan, Juwei, Ruchira, Kushan. So unfit though, need to do more cardio at the gym.
Finished my last exam on friday, went straight to eb game to buy pokemon. I recently sold my PS3, and bought a 3DS. I havent touched my PS3 in ages, so thought might as well sell it, and plus i wanted to play pokemon, and 3DS was on sale so i bought one.
Holidays are starting to feel boring already, probs have to go find more jobs.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

work, work work

So recently i found 2 jobs, one at healthy habits at knox, the other one is cacao green at chadstone. Well, the healthy habits place is owned by a family friend, so im just kinda helping out.

First shift at healthy habits, last thursday. It wasn't that hard, it's kinda like subway, where they can customise their own sandwiches, or they can buy the premade stuff thats already there. The only challenging bit is probs making coffee, as i hardly drink coffee, and have limited knowledge of it, but i didnt have to worry about it, because other people there that can make coffee. So i met some pretty cool people there, and there was this one girl called lily, who also went to GWSC, and also knows fred wong, lol what a coincidence. It's funny how it's called healthy habits, but a lot of the shit they sell arent even close to "healthy". How the fk is lasagne with full fat cheese even close to being healthy? Also chicken schnitzel is healthy? Dafaq since when is fried chicken healthy, i dont even..... But if you know what to order, some stuff are actually healthy, like chicken breast and avocado, and salads. Its funny and ironic how people come to healthy habits to buy "healthy" chicken schnitzel.  Why dont you just go to fkn KFC if you want fried chicken? Im pretty sure KFC chicken tastes better as well. Sigh, people these days try so hard to eat healthy, but end up making the wrong choice. I kinda feel sad when an overweight person comes to healthy habit to buy "healthy" food, but end up getting junk anyway.

First shift for cacao green on last saturday. Learnt a lot of new stuff. Working there is not as easy as i thought lol, i thought it seemed like a really easy job, just standing there doing nothing but swirling yoghurt, then i was wrong, there are actually quite a bit of stuff to do. Cutting fruits, sweeping, mopping, wiping shit, cleaning shit, making waffles, making coffees, etc. It was really awkward when i first got there, I always thought the boss' name was ryan, so i went up to the counter and i was like is ryan here? and i repeated like 5 times, untill he said, do u mean ray? im ray. so awks lol...... Swirling yoghurt is actually pretty hard, as you have to get to certain amount of yoghurt per cup, like for the junior cup its 160g+-5g, so you gotta be pretty accurate.

Today i drove to cacao green to work, first time driving to chaddy lol, kinda got lost, i got off the freeway, and didnt turn, so i kept on going, and the FKN gps wasnt working for a while, so i was late to work lawl. and i almost fkn crashed and died, while i was changing lane FUCK im so bad at driving. I also screwed up pretty bad at making waffles, well, i guess there is always a first time right? Pretty sure i can do better than that.

And also i have another assignment due on monday thats worths 20% and Ive just started, and i still have work tommorow, LOL fuck me, wtf have i been doing. O well, i'll try to finish this shit off by tonight. Doesnt seem that hard anyway

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Korea Day14 14/07/2013

NOOOOOOO today is the last day in korea, SOOO SAD :(
We all woke up pretty early and got ready super fast, ready to head off to the airport. We were supposed to take the airport bus outside our guesthouse. But the bus stop was pretty far away, it wasnt the one where we got off. David wasnt sure so he went looking around, and found out the bus stop. 
my double eyelid trick LOL

We all went to the airport together, even though bryan's flights are few hours later. 
We checked in, and got all our shit together, and went to the security check. I made another mistake LOL, i forgot that you cant bring liquids with you, and on the day before i put jess' make up into my bag, and they found out :( David had to run out and give the make ups back to jess, well lucky that her luggage isnt overweight, i felt so guilty afterwards. I offered her that i can take some stuff for her, and then in the end i gave it back to her LOL I dont even.... Im so stupid.....
too fat button came off

We followed david to buy some lighter for his friends birthday pressent, but apparently they dont sell that at the airport, well i guess they wouldnt anyway, cause its dangerous and flammable. We just hung around a little at the airport before we boarded the plane. 
The HK-Korea trip has came to an end. There were so many first times for me. 
Frist time going overseas with friends
First time in HK/Korea
First time in a foreign country that i know nothing of.
First time roller coaster
First time drank untill I puked.
It was such a great trip, and good experience. Hope we can do this more often in the future. Pua is already planning next year's trip LOL apparently we might be going to malaysia and Bali/Vietnam/Thailand. Im really looking forward to the next one, but first gotta find a job and get some $$$$$$$. 

Korea Day13 13/07/2013

We couldnt decide what to eat for breaky, so we walked around and saw this udon place that looks good, but it wasnt open when we got there, like 10mins away or something, so we just went in and waited.  OMG it was so nice. So you order what type of udon you want, and then you walk along the line, they give u the udon, then u choose side dishes, they had tempura, onigiri and many others. The tempura's were so cheap, and freshly made, omg so good, and then you pay at the end of the line. Really interesting way of ordering. I couldnt finish the onigiri so we went home and put it in the fridge. Calene and David went to myongdong by themselves to get tickets for some musical. So we split apart once again.
Then we decided to go to Edae, because some of us didnt get to go on the previous day, and people wanted to buy the stretchy belt, people wanted to shop more. So we went to the streets of Edae, and OMG FKN DONGDAEMUN U PIECE OF SHIT IM SO MAD. Here they had the exact same belt as the ones i bought at dongdaemun, this one was like $7 and the ones at dongdaemun was $10 after bargaining for like 20minutes, scammers ffs. The people at dongdaemun are really good at acting too, they act like they dont even make any profit, seriously wtf.......
I bought some pants and belts here as well, pua got a nice jacket here. David and Calene were still at myongdong. So we decided to split up again, since me and brandon dont really wanna watch the show. Pua and jess wanted to go myeondong to buy some more stuff, pua wanted to buy more KARA shit, forgot what jess had to buy. So me and brandon headed home, and decided to explore around Hongdae.
We havent actually got a chance to explore Hongdae, We've only been to like 5km radius around where we lived. We went back home, rested a bit, I took a nap, Brandon took a dump and just waited for me. Then we headed off, walked around randomly and almost got lost LOL, we walked into the small alleys in Hongdae, I find it interesting how inside the alley and the exterior/big roads look so different. Seems like they have really different lifestyles within such a small distance. We also went to explore Hongik Uni, which is aparently an art uni, I bought $30 worth of stationary here LOL, i just thought they were cool, and they didnt have price here, and when i went to pay it turned out to be $30 LOL, too late too back off now =(. The uni was big, and seems like a big forest overall, doesnt look too modern, just random buildings inside a forest LOL, alot of trees. Then we decided to head back and check if jess and pua came back. They were back by the time we were back, Pua was apparently sick, and was in bed sleeping, we asked jess if she wanted to come with us and explore more of Hongdae, and she agreed. First we went to get some pizza for dinner, I like korean pizza, because its super cheesy, and a little sweet at the same time, from the sweet potato fillings. So we brought it back to our place, and ate, and left some for pua. Then we left to explore more of Hongdae, First we brought jess to the Hongik Uni, and went deeper than we did beofre, and played at the playground/random gym equipment there.
The uni was freaky at night, really scary, alot of random artworks/statues lying around everywhere, and even the playground was scary, random grafitis, everywhere, some of them are just plain creepy. We left the uni and went to explore the night life of Hongdae.
Apparently Hongdae is known for its nightlife and clubbing. We kept walking along the streets, and found an ice cream store, jess wanted some ice cream so we went in there, ate some ice cream and just chilled for a little bit. Then we found this Condom store, we immediately thought of Pua, he was still sick, and still in bed, so we decided to buy him a little gift, a penis biscuit. It was so LOL, it actually tasted quite nice, like a gingerbread.
Then it started raining again, so we decided to head home. 

Korea Day12 12/07/2013

Me jess and pua woke up early today, we went downstairs to eat breakfast at dunkin donuts, pad panini and mocha, I love mocha, mocha is like the only coffee i drink. Panini is just a grilled cheese and chicken sandwich nothing special lol.
Pua and Jess wanted to go back to the namsan tower, because jess did some research last night, where nichkhun's lock was, I didnt wanna go so i went to myeondong to just walk around. We got off at myeondong station, jess and pua went to the namsan tower direction while i went to explore myeondong. Myeondong is surprisingly big, I just kep walking around, and walked to streets that ive never been before. After i finished exploring, I was planning to go to starbucks or maccas, to chill out and wait for them, but i thought that what if they come back early, so i went back to the train station and waited for them. Waited for more than 30 minutes, my phone ran out of battery, I was just standing there doing nothing LOL so sad =( They came back, and didnt end up finding the lock, jess was once again disappointed.

We then headed to apgujeong, apparently thats where all the entertainment companies are, I was excited to go to SM, and jess was super excited about going to JYP. So we headed off to SM, but apparently the building was under construction, We thought that that's the building, but it was covered up in an EXO banner, so we weret so sure. We also saw this girl who were followed by 5 men dressed in suit, we thought that she might've been some kind of celebrity ot trainee, and those were the body guards. We kept walking trying to find the SM building, we asked some random Korean guy, and he told us that the building before was SM, but they have an alternative building somewhere around the corner, at least thats what we thought he was talking about LOL. So we kept walking and walking and couldnt find it SO SAD, I WAS EXPECTING TO SEE SNSD SIGH. So we kept walking and headed towards JYP, it started raining a little bit, we took a break inside KFC, and looked at the map, we kept walking and found the JYP place. There was a dunking donut right underneath JYP, there were 2pm member's posters and autographs, Jess went nuts, and took photos and screamed and anything you'd imagine a fangirl would do. So then we ordered some drinks, and chilled at dunkin donuts, expecting someone famous would show up LOL. There were a lot of black tinted window vans, everytime one drives past, we were like OMG IT MUST BE SOMEONE FAMOUS lol...... well i took a nap at dunkin donuts, untill someone showed up, it appeared to be a celebrity, the way she dressed and seeing how skinny she was, and she had someone to hold an umbrella for her, we concluded that she must be a celebrity. We took a few photos, and later on identified her as sohee from wonder girls. OMG WE SAW CELEBRITY LOL, i really didnt care about wonder girls, i wanted to see snd =( sigh...... well at least its something.

So then we decided to go ahead and find Mangosix, Pua's favourite Nicole's backery. We couldnt find our way back, so we took a taxi back to the Big as department store. Mangosix isnt far away from there. So we walked a little bit, and found mango six in a small alley, we saw a white guy on the way and asked him for directions lol.
We found Mangosix, it was really nice in there, really comfy and chill. Pua bought some cookies, and a soup inside a bread, which tasted really nice. The cookies were nice too, just couldnt tell the difference in flavour. We stayed in there rested up a little bit, and decided to head off to gangnam.
We took a taxi to gangnam because #YOLO #SWAG we highrollers LOL. not really, it was really cheap, not even $5 each. We got off at gangnam, and we were hungry so we went to look for something to eat. We came across this really small noodle shop, which sold noodles and thats it lol, not many variations, and its pretty popular. It wasnt even dinner time, and alot of people were there, and alot of people dressed really nicely where there too. You order from the machine, where you pay the money, and get a ticket, and the kitchen will know what you ordered and erve to you according to your receipt. Really convenient IMO, and especially for us who cant speak Korean.
We kept walking, did alot of shopping here, I bought quite a bit of stuff here too, omg stuff were so cheap here, even cheaper than fkn dongdaemun, dongdaemun is such a ripoff,  dongdaemun is just a place to rip off tourists. the pants i bought in store is the same price as dongdaemun after bargaining for like 20minutes. Bought a few shirts, and pants, Pua also bought heaps from ZARA such highroller LOL. Jess didnt buy much, bought a little bit of stuff for her family, and that was it.
It got very crowded when we were trying to go home, literally had no space to walk through going into the train station.
we got back to the guest house, and everyone else was back, They've already eaten dinner, but we still havent eaten anything yet, so we decided to go out and check out whats good to eat. Pua wanted to check out the mangosix first, see if they had Nicole's cookies or whatever, it turned out that they have the exact same stuff as the previous store, pua was soooo sad lol. Then it started raining like crazy, we just walked around and found a random KBBQ place. It was $10 for all you can eat, we didnt even hesitate, because THAT IS FKN CHEAP. The food was good too, they even had pasta salads and alot of varities of food. Was definitely very satisfied. We smelled like BBQ afterwards lol, they didnt have a fan to suck out all the smoke, i guess thats the only downside of this place.
Then got home, and just rested.

Korea Day11 11/07/2013

TODAY WE ARE GOING BACK TO SEOUL YAYAYAY. We arrived at noonish, or a little past noon, like around 2ish? I think. So we went for lunch, Went to the same Chicken place again, I really like the chickens. This time David ordered too much, Everyone couldnt finish, so me and pua had to finish most of the left overs LOL, he wanted to compete with me in eating, HOW CUTE, no chance bro, maybe in your next life.
Then we decided to Seoul Namsan tower, which we didnt get a chance in the first few days in seoul. We got off the Myeondong station, and had to walk quite a bit to get to the cable cars to go up to the tower. It was super foggy at the top, couldnt see much. We walked around a little bit, and found out there were these "lovelocks" where you'd get two locks, and lock your name and your love's name together, which means eternal love or something like that. So jess tried to find the nichkhun and victoria lock, apparently it wasnt here anymore, stolen or something and jess was super disappointed. LOL, then we asked, and it might be up at the observatory, and we had to pay to get up there, It was foggy as well, so couldnt see much anyway, so we gave up.

Went inside the shops to grab some souvenir, everyone was looking at souvenirs and stuff, me and jess cbs so we decided to grab some icecream. Had this stir fried ice cream with cheesecake OMG SO YUMMY. Also there was this super cute girl at the souvenir shop, which I thought was really pretty, but the others didnt think so, I have no comment regarding their taste in girls, im so done.
Then we stayed at the cafe there and took a break, Pua had this ginseng milktea OMG TASTED HORRIBLE FUARRKK, so bitter, and that ginseng after taste OMG, i almsot puked out as soon as i drank it. I had a green tea latte which tasted so much better LOL. There was a teddy bear museum there as well.
We went down and tried to take some photos in the cable car, but theres too much reflection and the fog was annoying too, couldnt even see the nightview properly.
I think we did a bit of late night shopping at myeondong. We split up once again, David went with calene and them, while i was with jess most of the time because she asked me to translate for her. Since david is gone, I had to translate for jess from Chinese to english, alot of people there actually spoke chinese, Jess went full yolo mode and bought shit load of make ups. I was wondering why people know how to speak chinese rather than english, or maybe they are chinese to start with? Or maybe there are more chinese tourists? I dunno, just found it really weird. Been through a lot of make up shops with jess, and we eventually we saw this guy had a little cart making dragon beard candies, brandon and jess bought some as gift for their family, we got a packet for free, it was tasty.
Then we headed back to ann's guest house, and decided that we'd have separate activities tmr. I decided to follow jess and pua to gangnam and apghujang

Korea Day10 10/07/2013

BIG DAY TODAY MT HALLASAN. Such a gret experience IMO.
So we all woke up pretty early, getting ready for the big day ahead. David bought some Onigiri for us for breaky, Everyone had one each, i didnt have enough, so while everyone was waiting for andy, i went to convenience store and bought more food, got another onigiri, yoghurt and 3 bottles of gatorade, because it was 2+1 LOL, and some chocolate, later on turns out to be the good choice.
After we got on the car, I realised there was no spoon for the yoghurt fml...... so had to like suck and lick, and got yoghurt all over my face, looked like I got jizzed on, luckily I brought tissues.  We got to the bottom of the mountain, stocked up for supplies, bimbap, some people got more water. My bag was heavy as fk from all the water, well it turned out to be a great choice. As there was only 1 refill station throughout the whole damn mountain.
Andy left us, we started climbing, the beginning was too easy, too good to be true LOL. it was just really rocky paths, and a little steep, even easier than climbing stairs. I was at the back while everyone else was climbing so fast lol, I planned to conserve energy and not use it up all at the beginning. As the mountain got steeper, people started to slow down, i was going at a relatively consistent pace, slowly overtaking people LOL. I was listening to my music most of the time while climbing up. Like I said before, I love listening to music while exercising/walking/cardio, time went really fast, I didnt struggle as much. I met up with jess and pua at the 2nd rest stop. They looked like they were so gone LOL, I was surprised that jess actually took the lead, I didnt htink she was that fit LOL.
After this rest stop, it started to get harder, there was no more actual paths, just stacks of rocks made into stairs, not sure if you can even call them stairs LOL, I saw a lot of old grandmas and granpas climbing, and i really had a lot of respect for them, if they can do it i can too. Then my legs started to get a little sore, wasnt that bad though, took breaks here and there. At this point we were actually pretty far away from the rest. I got split up from jess and pua for a little bit again, cause they were too fast, after a while they ran out of energy and i caught up again LOL. The little wooden bridges were the best, cause they were actually flat, but even that felt painful walking on it LOL. I always had a feeling that it was shaking, not sure if actually shaking or just my legs were shaking. But when i jumped on it, it did shake a little, i think........ Pua was almost dead on the way LOL, he was so tired and hungry, that he almost fell asleep apparently.
OMG THE LAST BIT WAS HELL FUARRKK.There was not even rock "stairs" anymore, it was so steep like more than 50 degrees I rekon, It was actually like rock climbing, I was literally climbing on all four limbs. I was with pua most of the time at the end, I couldnt believe jess was so dam fast, she just ditched us, and climbed all the way to the top, i was just like WOW so pro.......

Jess was first then me and pua. We were soooo hungry, stared eating as soon as we got up, and was just like OMG FOODDDD FUARRKK. We shared the chocolate we bought, and the bread, and the kimbap, we only had 2 rolls in my bag though. And we were just waiting for other ppl to come up for my kimbaps LOL. And we were out of water by this point, i had a like half a bottle left, we just finished all.

They even had a wifi hotspot at the top of the mountain, but no water refills or even toilet ffs I held my piss for like 3 hours untill I got to the resting place. Well i guess you really dont need to piss when you are sweating like crazy LOL. While we were waiting at the top I took a little nap, LOL, Dont know how i slept, it was so sunny, i just Wore my jacked and covered my face with a towel.
After a while everyone got up, we all rested a little bit, And we got this little hut/shelter thingy after the ajumas left, we crammed all 8 people in there some how, and it smelled like sweat LOL. We took a few photos at the top, It was such a big accomplishment though, very proud of myself. There was an announcement telling us to start going down, by the time we get down it'll get dark already.

We started going down, going down is so much easier, well not at the start when everything was steep, had to actually sit on rocks and slowly go down. If you fall forward, you'd literally just roll down. My bluetooth earphone ranout of battery in the middle, I just turn on the speaker and started blasting music lol. I was always around david and calene when we went down, But I tried to walk either really fast or really slow, so i can keep the distance, so they can have some good time together, i didnt wanna be the 3rd wheel LOL.
We got down at like 5:30 ish, went to the store got some ice cream, I bought like 3 LOL. The whole trip took around 8 hours, and around 20km in distance.
While we were on the car, I suggested that we eat some buffet, since everyone was starving LOL, andy took us to this super fancy looking buffet place. We looked kinda out of place, everyone else were so well dressed, and we were just like in tank tops, plain tshirts, dirty shoes and pants LOL. well who cares, we are here for food anyway. Andy left us, because it was really close to our hotel, we could just walk back. We said good bye and thank you to andy, Im very grateful for andy, he helped us so much.
Well we started eating, OMG so many choices, they even had crabs, and prawns and sashimi OMG sooo good. They even had fruits, We've all been craving for fruits for a long time, havent had any since we got to korea.
OMG ate shit loads, was absolutely stuffed, felt like my tummy was going to explode, like around 120% of my normal amount, I've been eating like a pig since i got to Korea LOL, and even in HK. Then we walked back to our hotel, It was a nice walk seeing we were all stuffed, good to get the food down. While we were walking, bryan brandon jess and megan wanted to check out some gaming place, so we left them, went back to the hotel and took a shower and slept.
Thats it for today, was super tiring but fun at the same time, big achievement.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Korea Day9 09/07/2013

The guys woke up feeling ok from last night, david and bryan went down to get some breaky for us, think they got some bread and onigiri, the convenience store is right next to the hotel, so convenient.
Today we were going to see some caves. Really nothing special, just super chilly in there, really comfy to stay in there in such hot weather, it's like naure's own air conditioning LOL. We went in the cave, the ground is super wet, and rocky, almost tripped and fell lol. I was scared that the cave could collapse anytime LOL, i always like to think about retarded and unrealistic situations, that are very unlikely to happen LOL. It was a short walk, like maybe around 1hr back and fourth. We talked about random shits about our childhood, ahh good times, I miss digimon, so much feels every time =( Its funny how when we were young, we cant wait to grow up, and now we are all grown up and we want to go back in time. Human beings are so picky LOL. As soon as we walked out of the cave, our glasses all god super foggy, could barely see anything, I hate it when this happens, so annoying. Bought a pack of jeju tangerine chocolate, apparently its one of the best food in jeju, and jeju is known for its tangerine, but I seriously didnt realise what was so special about the chocolate, tasted normal. 

Then we went off to the  gimnyeong maze park. They gave us a map at the entrance, but we were like #YOLO who needs a map anyway, more fun without map anyway. We split up at the beginning, I was with pua, we just kept walking around in circles at the start, and bumped into other ppl as well. Then we started finding our way after a while. Pua was like hey look lets follow that korean couple, Then the couple decided to separate as well, and we were like lets follow the guy, he seems smart LOL. Then we got lost........ We kept following him, and we finally reached like the mid section of the maze, there was a little bridge where you could see the overall set up of the map, so its easier for us to get through. So eventually we got through, then we got some drinks at the end, and waited for the others. 

We left the maze, then headed to the sunrise peak. Andy drove us up there, and we were literally walk in between the clouds, felt really good. Me pua and david were walking at the front, i had my earphone up, I love walking while listening to music, It gives a false perception of time, and seems like time just flies when you listen to music and do whatever. The steps got steeper and steeper, at least they were still steps LOL. It was really foggy at the top, could hardly see anything from the top, i was expecting a good view, o wells. Then we just headed down, since there was nothing interesting, Andy said take this as a warm up for tmr's mount hallasan, I was already scared, this one i was already huffing and puffing after climbing.

We had to wait for brandon to buy a new pair of pants cause his ripped while climbing LOL, what even....... And they actually sold pants in the shop, I guess they expected people to rip their pants while climbing?
Andy suggested that we eat the pork noodles One of the special food in jeju. A lot of people had the soup pork noodle thingy, I had a taste of the dry one with chilli sauce, I liked that one so much better. The chilli sauce wasnt spicy, was really sour and sweet instead. 

Then we went to the light house/seopjikoji cliff. It was really pretty. We went over to walk on the rocks, got really close to the ocean, ocean seemed really scary, the waves were huge, I wonder what happens when someone falls down there. Bryan did some poses with the little pool of yellow water, really looked like he pissed there, such a big amount of piss, I wonder how big his bladder is LOL. 
We kept on walking and we got to this church place, which apparently alot of dramas were filmed here. But it was really pretty. There were stack of rocks on the side of the path, apparently its another thing that grants wishes, how childish can these people get seriosuly..... Apparently everything in Korea grants wishes, I was really tempted to knock the whole thing down LOL. 

We got to the light house, apparently its wish granting as well. I didnt wanna go up because it was too crowded up there, instead I was just sitting there listening to my music, while breeze blows into my face, and watching the beautiful scenery. So relaxing, it felt like all the worries were washed away. 
We headed back to find andy already waiting for us, our next stop was jeju folk village. Nothing special imo, was just really smelly because of all the animals there and their poop. It's the filming location of the drama 大长今It was a really big hit in China, like literally every TV station would be showing it at some point of the day, even my grandparents watched it LOL. It was really big, we were just randomly walking around untill we all got tired and bored. 

We had dinners at some "chinese" korean restaurant, A lot of the chinese dishes were modified to suit korean taste. The sweet and sour pork was the best imo, It's a lot different to the chinese Variation. The chinese variation is orange in color, and the sour flavour comes from fruits like pineapple and orange and tomato sauce. Where as the korean version is black in color, i guess the sour flavour is kinda coming from vinegar? not too sure. We also had Jiampong, which is like this spicy noodle soup, I dont get how thats even chinese LOL, doesnt taste chinese at all, taste like typical korean dish to me. Jajamyeon is always good, cant go wrong with that, The korean version is alot sweeter, and the sauce seems thicker with starch as well. 
Then we drove off back to the hotel, Then pua bryan and david needed runners to climb mt hallasan tmr, So andy took them, Me and brandon showered while they were gone. 

After everyone came back, we went over to the girls room to play mafia. My first time palying mafia, i was so bad LOL, I was detective like freaking 4 times straight, and whenever the god says detective wake up, the god would start laughing then everyone knows...... dafaq, and apparently i was making too much movement when i wake up, LOL i dont even......
After a while we just went back to sleep, preparing for the big day tmr, thats it for today.