Tuesday, January 22, 2013

meh, nothing much is going on in my life, just been working everyday.

on sunday, as usual, the guys went to play badminton at monash, then went to papa rich AGAIN for lunch. while we were waiting to be seated, we saw heaps of ppl, first saw seema when we came out of the carpark, then saw calene while waiting, then jason chris and amir came out of no where...... havent seen chris in agesssss, he was on a gap year, and travelled everywhere, I kinda admire what he has done, I wouldnt have the guts to travel by myself to other foreign countries. 

on monday tony invited me to his house for a bbq, amir and leon bailed out, so it was just me, tony, james, victor, zafil, sunny and dilan. I havent seen some of these ppl for ages, especially dilan. I remember we were good friends in high school, well at least before year 11 when people split up classes. I remember every lunch time we'd play bball together, me leon amir and dilan would make the B2 team, and we normally do pretty well. After year 11 started, everyone are split into different classes depending on the subjects you do, we'd still talk a little bit, but not as much. I havent seen him at all after year12, its sad how people drift apart so easily. 

I'll be working for the rest of the week untill saturday, gonna be a busy and tiring week =(

Thursday, January 10, 2013

sick =(

ahh ffs, so sick atm,took a day off. I've taken 8 shits in total today, and still counting. Had a fever last night, and diarrhea for the whole fkn day. My anus hurts so much, because i took so many shits.

I think i got food poisoning. Me pua and 2 other workmates (susie and samantha) went to this 

chinese place after work, i guess it could be from there. pua was sick the next day, and now its me,
ffs so annoying. 
hope ill be good enough to work tmr =( 

Monday, January 7, 2013

work work work

I'll be working 5 days this week, from 10-4. If this shift continues, i'll be earning around $500 this week!!!!!!!!  this is the only thought that keeps me going at work, it get so boring and tiring sometimes. Lucky that im working with someone i know, we can at least talk about random shit, instead of awkward silence.
It's been so hot lately, today was 35 degrees, last friday was fkn 42, the warehouse storage was like a fkn over, me and pua were just roasting in there. 
Oh and btw, i recently got my ukulele, its orange, and sound ok, the problem is that it goes off tune even after i finish tuning, i googled, and apparently you'll have to let the strings set in first. Hope this problem doesnt continue. Ill upload a pic later, i guess thats all for now 
I've also got addicted to Epik High songs recently. i love their songs and lyrics, some of the songs have such a deep meaning to it.

On sunday, me pua david and brandon wanted to hangout, we went to watch rise of the guardains in the morning, was quite a good movie, brings back many childhood memories, though most of the people in there are parents with their kids. I cant wait to have my own kids, and bring them to movies, and play with them. After that, we went to Papa rich, it recently opened in Glenny, apparently one of the best Malaysian cuisine in Melbourne. The servings were quite big compared to Petalling and mallaca, but its a bit more pricey. I dont know what authentic malaysian food tastes like, but it tasted pretty good to me, probs better than mallaca and petalling. I had ice kacang (abc), biryani, and some kind of sweet and sour chicken. The rice was new to me, it was some kind of indian spiced rice, tasted very weird, had a fruity flavour to it, but it was good, i also got a free ice teh, because one of the waitress mixed up the order LOL.
Then we went to get some korean bbq meat for dinner, david drove us back to pua's house, we watched some movies, i slept for a bit, then played pool and mahjong. It was my first time playing mahjong properly, I've watched grandma play, she is very addicted plays pretty much everyday. But after she had a stroke she couldn't play anymore, actually she still played after she recovered a little bit. I never bothered to learn. This time i actually won quite a few times, david won the most, then it was me. I guess its beginners luck? But its quite a fun game, similar to poker.
after mahjong, we ate korean bbq outside, didnt eat much, was still full from papa rich. Was an awesome day, i like hanging out with the guys. cant wait for key to come back.