Sunday, September 1, 2013

Korea Day10 10/07/2013

BIG DAY TODAY MT HALLASAN. Such a gret experience IMO.
So we all woke up pretty early, getting ready for the big day ahead. David bought some Onigiri for us for breaky, Everyone had one each, i didnt have enough, so while everyone was waiting for andy, i went to convenience store and bought more food, got another onigiri, yoghurt and 3 bottles of gatorade, because it was 2+1 LOL, and some chocolate, later on turns out to be the good choice.
After we got on the car, I realised there was no spoon for the yoghurt fml...... so had to like suck and lick, and got yoghurt all over my face, looked like I got jizzed on, luckily I brought tissues.  We got to the bottom of the mountain, stocked up for supplies, bimbap, some people got more water. My bag was heavy as fk from all the water, well it turned out to be a great choice. As there was only 1 refill station throughout the whole damn mountain.
Andy left us, we started climbing, the beginning was too easy, too good to be true LOL. it was just really rocky paths, and a little steep, even easier than climbing stairs. I was at the back while everyone else was climbing so fast lol, I planned to conserve energy and not use it up all at the beginning. As the mountain got steeper, people started to slow down, i was going at a relatively consistent pace, slowly overtaking people LOL. I was listening to my music most of the time while climbing up. Like I said before, I love listening to music while exercising/walking/cardio, time went really fast, I didnt struggle as much. I met up with jess and pua at the 2nd rest stop. They looked like they were so gone LOL, I was surprised that jess actually took the lead, I didnt htink she was that fit LOL.
After this rest stop, it started to get harder, there was no more actual paths, just stacks of rocks made into stairs, not sure if you can even call them stairs LOL, I saw a lot of old grandmas and granpas climbing, and i really had a lot of respect for them, if they can do it i can too. Then my legs started to get a little sore, wasnt that bad though, took breaks here and there. At this point we were actually pretty far away from the rest. I got split up from jess and pua for a little bit again, cause they were too fast, after a while they ran out of energy and i caught up again LOL. The little wooden bridges were the best, cause they were actually flat, but even that felt painful walking on it LOL. I always had a feeling that it was shaking, not sure if actually shaking or just my legs were shaking. But when i jumped on it, it did shake a little, i think........ Pua was almost dead on the way LOL, he was so tired and hungry, that he almost fell asleep apparently.
OMG THE LAST BIT WAS HELL FUARRKK.There was not even rock "stairs" anymore, it was so steep like more than 50 degrees I rekon, It was actually like rock climbing, I was literally climbing on all four limbs. I was with pua most of the time at the end, I couldnt believe jess was so dam fast, she just ditched us, and climbed all the way to the top, i was just like WOW so pro.......

Jess was first then me and pua. We were soooo hungry, stared eating as soon as we got up, and was just like OMG FOODDDD FUARRKK. We shared the chocolate we bought, and the bread, and the kimbap, we only had 2 rolls in my bag though. And we were just waiting for other ppl to come up for my kimbaps LOL. And we were out of water by this point, i had a like half a bottle left, we just finished all.

They even had a wifi hotspot at the top of the mountain, but no water refills or even toilet ffs I held my piss for like 3 hours untill I got to the resting place. Well i guess you really dont need to piss when you are sweating like crazy LOL. While we were waiting at the top I took a little nap, LOL, Dont know how i slept, it was so sunny, i just Wore my jacked and covered my face with a towel.
After a while everyone got up, we all rested a little bit, And we got this little hut/shelter thingy after the ajumas left, we crammed all 8 people in there some how, and it smelled like sweat LOL. We took a few photos at the top, It was such a big accomplishment though, very proud of myself. There was an announcement telling us to start going down, by the time we get down it'll get dark already.

We started going down, going down is so much easier, well not at the start when everything was steep, had to actually sit on rocks and slowly go down. If you fall forward, you'd literally just roll down. My bluetooth earphone ranout of battery in the middle, I just turn on the speaker and started blasting music lol. I was always around david and calene when we went down, But I tried to walk either really fast or really slow, so i can keep the distance, so they can have some good time together, i didnt wanna be the 3rd wheel LOL.
We got down at like 5:30 ish, went to the store got some ice cream, I bought like 3 LOL. The whole trip took around 8 hours, and around 20km in distance.
While we were on the car, I suggested that we eat some buffet, since everyone was starving LOL, andy took us to this super fancy looking buffet place. We looked kinda out of place, everyone else were so well dressed, and we were just like in tank tops, plain tshirts, dirty shoes and pants LOL. well who cares, we are here for food anyway. Andy left us, because it was really close to our hotel, we could just walk back. We said good bye and thank you to andy, Im very grateful for andy, he helped us so much.
Well we started eating, OMG so many choices, they even had crabs, and prawns and sashimi OMG sooo good. They even had fruits, We've all been craving for fruits for a long time, havent had any since we got to korea.
OMG ate shit loads, was absolutely stuffed, felt like my tummy was going to explode, like around 120% of my normal amount, I've been eating like a pig since i got to Korea LOL, and even in HK. Then we walked back to our hotel, It was a nice walk seeing we were all stuffed, good to get the food down. While we were walking, bryan brandon jess and megan wanted to check out some gaming place, so we left them, went back to the hotel and took a shower and slept.
Thats it for today, was super tiring but fun at the same time, big achievement.

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