Saturday, August 10, 2013

Korea Day2 02/07/2013

We woke up early, megan suggested that we go to the hello kitty cafe. We arrived there just to realise that it opens at 11am, we got there at around 9:30ish? We cbs waiting, so we just headed off, and looked for some other place to eat. We found another cafe, called Angel In Us, which is apparently pretty popular in Korea, its everywhere on the streeets. got a spicy chicken burrito and Mocha, I really dont like any other coffee other then mocha. Other people got his huge thick bread thingy with whipped cream and sauce on it, i had a taste and it tasted pretty good.

Then we headed off to myongdong to exchange some moneyzzzzz, i exchnaged $800 aud, about half of what i had left.. Started going around make up stores, and buying shits, the girls went nuts, i was just like meh what are these shits. Brandon bought these aloe gel thingy for his mum, so we bought a big pack to share. Alot of people can speak chinese at myongdong, i was actually pretty surprised, they spoke pretty well too, really fluent, but still with a little korean accent. The girls kept looking at make up and shits, me, pua and david decided to go to juno hair and get a haircut, apparently juno hair is famous in korea. i got a nice and short hair cut, which turn out really nice right after, but when i try to do it myself, it turns retarded. Pua dyed his hair red again, and david got a perm. i only spent $25 aud, they spent shit loads, pua about $200 david about $100. cheaper than i expected, a hair cut in aus is around the same price anyway.

Someone said that mandu is good in myongdong, so we headed there, ate some dumplings, it's really different to the chinese style dumplings, the fillings are different and the shape is different too. The mandu is shaped like a siumai , but it still tasted good.
walked around, girls bought more shits at artbox, i was just looking around and bought some hersheys chocolate there LOL. We had nothing else to do, so just walked around, and we saw this cat cafe, which seemed pretty interesting to us, so we decided to check it out. There were so many cats running all over the place, maybe around 10ish cats were running around freely, some were still inside the cages. We had to pay like 5000 won entry fee, which includes 1 drink, i forgot what i ordered, some juice i think? we had to sanitise our hands, and wear slippers. cats were so cute, running around everywhere. I still prefer dogs though. pretty interesting experience

Afterwards we headed off to dongdaemun, which is like another shopping place. there were 2 buildings there, one is like the super fancy one, with all the big brands, the other one is a little bit dodgy but sells cheap shits. we decided to pass the luxury building, since no one can afford anything there anyway, actually maybe david can, but since majority rules, we decided to pass. We also gave calene her birthday money to use for shopping. she seemed so happyz LOL
So we separated, cause we'll be buying different shits. David followed the girls, and we went upstairs to check out guys section. Everyone was so desperate there lol, calling us and asking us to buy shit, and asking where we are from. We remained silent until david came LOL. so we started looking for shits, david and pua bought a few shirts, i bought a shirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of pants. Shirt was around $20, pants and shorts $40. Korean sizes are so TINY, i had to get XL and it could barely fit me, well i guess all korean guys are pretty slim and no one was as big as me. after shopping at other palces a few day after, we realised we got ripped off hard at dongdaemun, the shirt we saw at some palces were $15 without even have to bargain, and pants were also cheaper. Those people at dongdaemun are sure good at acting, acting like they lost shit load of money.
we finished shopping, while we were waiting, we went upstairs to grab some food, forgot what i had, ate something really simple. then we headed down to buy some idol shits, and then went back home.

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