Saturday, September 29, 2012

end of holidays exams starting soon =(

HOLY FKN SHIT ASDEAHSGFHAF, wtf holidays are almost over, that felt soooo short, especially when you wake up at like 10am everyday. Didnt do much during the holidays, just chilled at home, and went out a few times with friends. Didnt get much study done, just did the absolute minimum amount of work, which is a few quizes and a bio presentation.
It's exactly 1 month away from exams, FKKK im so screwed, better start cramming soon.... I find youtube very useful for learning, especially a channel called khanacademy, thats basically how I crammed for year12 exams, teachers/lecturers are so damn boring, but this guy actually make study interesting. So my first exam is chem, which is on the 29th of october, its one of my worst subjects, hope i can do well..... Not too worried about bio, stats and chinese, should be able to get 70% easily. Actually I'll just start cramming during swot vac. Seems most uni students are used to cramming right before exams.

Ill probably be doing this in a few weeks time.....

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