Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jeremy Lin

So I was watching videos of Jeremy Lin (chinese-taiwanese american NBA player) on youtube, then I saw comments arguing whether he's american, taiwanese or chinese on almost every fkn video. this pisses me off so bad, who the fk cares wat nationality he is, why cant we just all get along and enjoy basketball. why do we always have to bring in race and politics into sport, why cant we just enjoy the sport as it is. 

I hate it when people say taiwanse people arent chinese. They speak chinese (mandarin, even Hokkien is a chinese dialect), they eat chinese food, they have chinese traditons, which part of them is not chinese? Their nationality may not be chinese, but they still have chinese blood running in their body. Even their parent/grand parents came from china, why arent you chinese when you parents/grand parents are? It's reasonable to say you are taiwanese, but its not when you say you arent chinese. What's worse is that Honkie people saying they are not chinese, hong kong is even a part of china, y the fk would u say u arent chinese? 

Some people say he got so popular only because he's asian, and David stern (commissioner of NBA) wants a bigger market in china after Yao ming retires. But in my opinion he deserved the attention. He carried the team (new york knicks) when they needed him the most, and played so well. He became a star in a few days, he was fired by 2 teams, and was a bench warmer until Knick's starting point guard got injured. the coach had no other choice but to put him on. "Chance favors only the prepared mind", and he was prepared, he has trained hard for this day to come. He would've succeeded even if he wasn't asian. The spark is just too bright.

I love him also because he's faithful in god, humble, funny, most importantly he's asian (especially chinese/taiwanese) . He's a devoted christian, he has absolute faith in god, he wasn't mad/jealous when he was a bench warmer, and when he was cut. He kept his faith, and kept working hard. He's also pretty funny, and made a few videos with kevjumba, and nigahiga. He's the only asian that has a starter role in the NBA, it makes me proud, and also give hope to other asian kids of becoming successful in the NBA

Wait i forgot to mention that he graduated from Harvard, FKN HARVARD!!!!! He has a degree in economics. He's not only good at basketball, but he's also a fkn GENIUS. FUU I WANNA HVE HIS BABIES. no homo.....

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