Sunday, September 2, 2012

some people that I "hate" the most

Hate is a strong word, its not like I hate them so much that i wanna kill them. I just find these kind of people really annoying, and i really dislike them. 
1. People who are SUPER corny and cheesy on facebook, and in public. They are just so annoying, there's this guy on my fb friend list, we went to the same high school (GWSC), we arent really frinds, and never really talked. So recently he got a GF on fb, and all he does is spam the girl's wall all day long, and all the corny messages appears on my news feed too. I mean, its OK to be corny in private, but spamming on fb is just not cool, in fact its really annoying, now i blocked him and got rid of the corny shits. Whats worse, is that he says F3 ALL THE FKN TIME ( if you you dunno what that is, its a hotkey that makes a pouting face in a MMORPG maplestory)

If  you didnt know, this is what F3 looks like......

And he kept saying "SIGH" in EVERY post he posts. and i dont think they've even met each other, maybe they are "online couples", or "maplestory couples"? They dont even have a picture together..... Sighs F3 ._. *hugs ya tightly* smile for me ♥   this is one of the corny things he says, seriously wtf? it doesnt even make sense, y would u even sigh? All of his posts on the girl's wall have like 30~ comments, mostly by himself, spamming shit. 

2. People who are up themselves, think they are so important, and the world revolves around them. There are many people like that. They update their status on fb like every fkn hour, trying to update everyone what he's up to, but no one really gives a shit. If you wanna do that, take it to Twitter. He makes everything sound so depressing and dramatic. this guy im talking about is currently overseas, he tries to make everyone remember that he's still here. "Will you guys go when I come back?" "have fun on my behalf"So we were planing to go to some event, but didnt end up going. He posts this on one of my friend's wall.  NO WE WONT GO EVEN IF U COME BACK. A group of our friends ( I wasnt there, I was in China) went to schoolie, and they uploaded a group photo on fb, he saw it and got super jelly, and forced us to photoshop him into the photo.....  FUUU he's so overly attached, like a little girl/baby. How can a guy be this overly attached, and so dependent on others. 

3. People who are overly confident, thinking they are top-shit, when they are just shit. I have this family friend, who is also the corny kind and writes poems and shit to his gf in public. It maybe sweet in private, but its not when u show it to everyone. Thats not the worst part, he thinks he's so topshit, he thinks he's better than me in everything, and he's always right. When ever he makes a mistake i dont even bother trying to correct him, I know he wont listen, and keep thinking he's right. He still thinks he's better than me in Basketball when i kicked his ass SOOOO many times.... 

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