Tuesday, September 4, 2012

pua's new wig LOL + Doraemon's bday

so on tuesday, pua came to uni with a brown/redish wig, he looked so retarded. He tried to troll me and told me it was his real hair, I actually believed it, and was confused for quite a while. Everyone made fun of him LOL someone said he's a try hard korean, someone wanted to take off his wig. was pretty funny actually.

so apparently today's Doraemon's -100 birthday. He was born in 03/09/2112. So after 100 years will we be able to make something like Doraemon? It'll be pretty awesome if we can, but too bad i dont think I'll live that long to see the real Doraemon. It brings so back so many childhood memories, I still remember I used to watch it everyday.
Which item would you want if u had Doraemon? I'd definitely want the "memory bread" (is that wat its called?), the one where u can print all the knowledge from the textbook, and then you eat it, then u'll know everything. would be pretty awesome for studying or anything else that requires memory.
Btw I also found this north Korean girl band (north korean SNSD?) which is pretty hilarious. They were singing about studying hard for the country, and shit like that.  check out the link :http://video.sina.com.cn/p/ent/y/j/2012-09-04/181861856563.html
the subtitle's in chinese, its basically just saying study hard for your country and typical communist shit.

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