Saturday, September 1, 2012

first REAL post YAY

YAY first real post for my blog =D
So this week was pretty awesome.
Didn't have uni on thursday, but was planning to go to uni and study for a bit. Got to medley and met up with key, bryan, pua and michael shao, they wanted to play some basketball so i followed. we played for a few hours. Oh and i also met hui shen, one of key's dorm friend, we played dota2 together a few times. He's really tall, but he had a really soft and high pitched voice, which sounded really weird, and didnt match his height (dam i wish i could grow taller =( )So we played for a while and then key ad pua wanted to play tennis so i followed. This was the first time i played REAL tennis outside of school. I was actually pretty good for the first time. I beat pua twice, and he got so mad because this was my first time, and he actually had training and stuff before. I kept rubbing it into his face LOL. Then i waited for my cousin to pick me up, we went to some korean BBQ buffet near chadstone. He wanted to take me to dinner because it was my bday 2weeks ago. It was actually pretty good, though there werent many varieties, but for the price it was pretty awesome. Then i had to go home and finish my stats assignment, stayed up till 3am to finish that crap.

On friday, had stats tute in the morning, was really tired from the day before, slept a bit in the tute, tutor was nice and didnt care. Then had chem lab, i finished pretty early. We were planning to get dinner at crazy wings, i took the bus back to glenny, met key and bryan on the bus, we went to GWSC to meet up with brandon and david and played some bball while waiting for Jess, Calene, Megan and Pua to finish shopping. Havent been back to GWSC for ages, really brings back the memories. I thought it was just a regular dinner with friends, but it turns out to be a surprise late-bday party for me. I really appreciate it guys, Brandon, Pua, Key, Bryan, Megan, Calene David, Jess. And thanks for the awesome pressent =D We got 2 hotpots and some wings. Apparently it was Jess' and Calene's first time there. So we forced them to at least take a bite of crazy wings, then they both went red, it was pretty funny LOL. Me, Brandon, Pua and David ate one whole wing each, it was way spicier then the first few times we came in year 12. Havent been to crazy wings for ages, it brings back the year 12 memories. Then we went to pancake parlour for some short stacks, Calene and Jess had so many vouchers lol.

some year 12 memories LOL. this was when crazy wings first opened. Pua ate 12 wings, Juwei had 9 and Brandon had 8, it wasnt that spicy back then, but I still cant imagine how they tanked so many of them.....

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