Sunday, November 11, 2012

YAY holidays!!!!

So i finally finished all my exams last friday. I guess i did pretty well in all exams, seems like cramming for the whole two weeks before the exam kinda helps. During those 2 weeks ive been sleeping at like 2pm almost everyday, it's good to get more sleep now. I had to drink red bulls before the exam to keep me awake, i was tired as shit during the exam period. Well not that the exams are over, i can finally get some sleep.
I'm already bored at home, all i've been doing is youtube/facebook/9gag/nba/ps3 for the whole day. its been pretty boring. It's funny how when you have uni you want holidays, and when holidays starts it get all boring and shit, and you want uni to start soon. 
I'll probably have to get a job soon, since this holidays is so damn long, and I'll be bored to death if i stayed home all day long. It's scary how time goes so fast, it seems like yesterday that i just finished my VCE exams. When i went on FB and saw all these muck up day pictures, brings back all these awesome year12 memories. It's sad how i drifted away with many close friends in high school, I guess as life goes on, your group of friend changes. I wanna go back to the high school years again, I missed the nayook camps was sooo fun, sad that I didnt bring a camera and take pictures, it's such a great memory. I think the high school years were the best years in my life so far. 
We planned a trip to rosebud on the 16th, I cant wait for it, it's gonna be so much fun. =D

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