Tuesday, September 4, 2012

THE perfect life

So on monday I woke up at 10 o'clock, then I realised, today is the grand finals of The International 2 (if you didnt know, it's the world's largest dota2 competition.) watched 1 game before going to uni. Went to uni, had a chinese lecture at 2. I was pretty much watching TI2 the whole time, but I guess i was multitasking pretty well, i didnt miss out much of the lecture.
So it was IG VS NAVI, IG beat NAVI 3-1. So the winner gets 1 MILLION  US dollars!!! IG is a chinese team, so apparently chinese people are godly at dota.

out of the 8 teams that received prizes, 5 teams are chinese.

I've been thinking how awesome would it be to do ur hobby as a real job, and earn shit loads of money. So here are a few pics of one of the elite chinese dota team DK's training facility. WTF right? what is this? a 5 star hotel?
As I imagine, they probably play dota the whole day, wake up, eat, gym, play dota, eat, pool, play more dota, eat, sleep. FUUU WHAT A PERFECT LIFE, maybe it's more complicated and more stressful than that, but it sounds like a pretty awesome life to me. They play in one tournament and if they win, they dont have to work for the rest of the year, though they still need training but still, who cares if you can win 1million dollars.
So I've always dreamt to become a professional NBA player, looks like its impossible now, since I'm so fkn short, and not athletic at all, and asian. I always wished to travel to different cities with the teammates, and live in a 5-star hotel, and have a private jet taking u everywhere. Though the training maybe harsh, but if it's something you enjoy doing and love, then i guess it wouldn't be as annoying and dreadful.
BUT maybe if you keep on doing something for a long time, you'll eventually get bored of it? I dont know about that, but i dont think I'll ever get bored playing basketball, or playing games.

So this is the story of one guy on the team that just won 1 million dollars. His life is pretty sad imo, he gets injured from Bball, and was forced to quit. Then he was cheated on by his gf. Which motivated him to play dota, and won many titles, then he gets a new gf. It's pretty sad that he only gets a gf, when he's successful, and making big money. I hate this kind of girls, gold digger, only stay with u because u r rich.

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