Sunday, September 23, 2012


HELL YEA ITS FINALLY THE "mid semester break" for us monash kids. I dunno even know why its called the mid semester break, its like week 10 now, which is around 3/4 of the semester, and we only get one week of break, while melbourne uni kids get 2 weeks, what is this bullshit monash?but the bad news is that exam is near, it's in about 6 weeks? This semester's exam timetable is pretty lame, so spread out. I guess I'll have to catch up 10 weeks worth of chem, bio and stats in the break.

Havent had time to post recently, been pretty busy with uni, had 2 essays due on monday, Chinese and Bio, I basically finished 2 essays on sunday, stayed up to 3am in the morning, I gotta get rid of the habit of doing things the last minute, it really is bad, my essay quality is pretty shit imo.

This past week has been pretty awesome. On tuesday we had a high school reunion, it was nice catching up with everyone once in a while. I was hungry as shit when i got there, I had a bio lab right before, and didnt eat any thing since like 2pm, and the reunion started at 7:30pm. The food wasnt very filling, just some snacks, and I can tell everyone was hungry, the fried chicken thingys were gone in like 1min. We just stood in circles and talked about uni, life, and good old times. We should have a more formal reunion next time, maybe in 5 years, I wonder what everyone will be like. Some are probably married, or even have kids. Some maybe CEO of a company. Overall it was an awesome night, caught up with so many people that i didnt see in like ageeeees.

On friday we had dinner at larpochetta again. YESSS RIIIBBBSSS!!!!!! OMG i love those ribs soooo much, SOOO GOOODDD. Also met sarah, key's dorm friend, she seemed like a really nice person. We went to crazy wings after larporchetta to get some crazy wings, sarah wanted to try, then we went to dessert story to eat the wings. She ate a whole one without even getting red or drinking water...... what is this madness..... I rekon she chould take on pua on a crazywing duel.