Sunday, September 1, 2013

Korea Day13 13/07/2013

We couldnt decide what to eat for breaky, so we walked around and saw this udon place that looks good, but it wasnt open when we got there, like 10mins away or something, so we just went in and waited.  OMG it was so nice. So you order what type of udon you want, and then you walk along the line, they give u the udon, then u choose side dishes, they had tempura, onigiri and many others. The tempura's were so cheap, and freshly made, omg so good, and then you pay at the end of the line. Really interesting way of ordering. I couldnt finish the onigiri so we went home and put it in the fridge. Calene and David went to myongdong by themselves to get tickets for some musical. So we split apart once again.
Then we decided to go to Edae, because some of us didnt get to go on the previous day, and people wanted to buy the stretchy belt, people wanted to shop more. So we went to the streets of Edae, and OMG FKN DONGDAEMUN U PIECE OF SHIT IM SO MAD. Here they had the exact same belt as the ones i bought at dongdaemun, this one was like $7 and the ones at dongdaemun was $10 after bargaining for like 20minutes, scammers ffs. The people at dongdaemun are really good at acting too, they act like they dont even make any profit, seriously wtf.......
I bought some pants and belts here as well, pua got a nice jacket here. David and Calene were still at myongdong. So we decided to split up again, since me and brandon dont really wanna watch the show. Pua and jess wanted to go myeondong to buy some more stuff, pua wanted to buy more KARA shit, forgot what jess had to buy. So me and brandon headed home, and decided to explore around Hongdae.
We havent actually got a chance to explore Hongdae, We've only been to like 5km radius around where we lived. We went back home, rested a bit, I took a nap, Brandon took a dump and just waited for me. Then we headed off, walked around randomly and almost got lost LOL, we walked into the small alleys in Hongdae, I find it interesting how inside the alley and the exterior/big roads look so different. Seems like they have really different lifestyles within such a small distance. We also went to explore Hongik Uni, which is aparently an art uni, I bought $30 worth of stationary here LOL, i just thought they were cool, and they didnt have price here, and when i went to pay it turned out to be $30 LOL, too late too back off now =(. The uni was big, and seems like a big forest overall, doesnt look too modern, just random buildings inside a forest LOL, alot of trees. Then we decided to head back and check if jess and pua came back. They were back by the time we were back, Pua was apparently sick, and was in bed sleeping, we asked jess if she wanted to come with us and explore more of Hongdae, and she agreed. First we went to get some pizza for dinner, I like korean pizza, because its super cheesy, and a little sweet at the same time, from the sweet potato fillings. So we brought it back to our place, and ate, and left some for pua. Then we left to explore more of Hongdae, First we brought jess to the Hongik Uni, and went deeper than we did beofre, and played at the playground/random gym equipment there.
The uni was freaky at night, really scary, alot of random artworks/statues lying around everywhere, and even the playground was scary, random grafitis, everywhere, some of them are just plain creepy. We left the uni and went to explore the night life of Hongdae.
Apparently Hongdae is known for its nightlife and clubbing. We kept walking along the streets, and found an ice cream store, jess wanted some ice cream so we went in there, ate some ice cream and just chilled for a little bit. Then we found this Condom store, we immediately thought of Pua, he was still sick, and still in bed, so we decided to buy him a little gift, a penis biscuit. It was so LOL, it actually tasted quite nice, like a gingerbread.
Then it started raining again, so we decided to head home. 

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