Sunday, September 1, 2013

Korea Day14 14/07/2013

NOOOOOOO today is the last day in korea, SOOO SAD :(
We all woke up pretty early and got ready super fast, ready to head off to the airport. We were supposed to take the airport bus outside our guesthouse. But the bus stop was pretty far away, it wasnt the one where we got off. David wasnt sure so he went looking around, and found out the bus stop. 
my double eyelid trick LOL

We all went to the airport together, even though bryan's flights are few hours later. 
We checked in, and got all our shit together, and went to the security check. I made another mistake LOL, i forgot that you cant bring liquids with you, and on the day before i put jess' make up into my bag, and they found out :( David had to run out and give the make ups back to jess, well lucky that her luggage isnt overweight, i felt so guilty afterwards. I offered her that i can take some stuff for her, and then in the end i gave it back to her LOL I dont even.... Im so stupid.....
too fat button came off

We followed david to buy some lighter for his friends birthday pressent, but apparently they dont sell that at the airport, well i guess they wouldnt anyway, cause its dangerous and flammable. We just hung around a little at the airport before we boarded the plane. 
The HK-Korea trip has came to an end. There were so many first times for me. 
Frist time going overseas with friends
First time in HK/Korea
First time in a foreign country that i know nothing of.
First time roller coaster
First time drank untill I puked.
It was such a great trip, and good experience. Hope we can do this more often in the future. Pua is already planning next year's trip LOL apparently we might be going to malaysia and Bali/Vietnam/Thailand. Im really looking forward to the next one, but first gotta find a job and get some $$$$$$$. 

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