Saturday, November 23, 2013

exams n shiz

Meh, nothing interesting has been happening recently so I didnt even bother blogging. I actually wrote this post like 2 weeks ago, just keep forgetting to psot.
Had my first exam last tuesday, it went ok-ish, I think i passed LOL. Well the exam is only worth 30%, but its a hurdle, I just hope I passed. The multiple choices and matching questions were pretty easy, but i think i screwed up on the short answers though =S. I did good enough seeing i only started studying like 3 days before the actual exam, i kept procrastinating, cant do shit unless im under pressure lol, I guess 3 days isnt really enough to get through everything. Also the lectures were recorded online, and i hardly turned up to any lecture, AND materials on moodle are not even that useful, AND i had no idea what the lecture slides were talking about anyway, so yea...... I think i did ok seeing i hardly attended any lectures lol. I think i should start going to lectures next year........  I have sometime to relax before i start cramming again.
While i was procrastinating for exams, I watched the YTMA, SNSD WON VIDEO OF THE YEAR YAYAYA, they also released a new japanese single, pretty catchy song. Actually I'm not even that big of a fan, well compared to the hardcore ones at least. I didn't even buy any merchandise/posters while we were in korea, I didnt think it was worth the money. If they had a concert in australia, I wouldnt travel to other cities just to see them, I'd only go if they had one in melbourne. Also there are so many haters on twitter after they won the YTMA, kinda makes me mad, not because I'm a big fan, but because how ignorant people are. Especially during the actuall award ceromony, when tiffany went up to the stage to accept the award, hardly anyone cheered and clapped. Its kinda sad how people have no basic manners, and respect for each other. These comments almost gave me cancer, and mde me lose faith in humanity. It's funny how most of these people are justin bieber and one direction fans, probably like 12 year old girls or something. Some people asking HOW did girls generation win, well its simple, they have more dedicated fans, well no shit they won because they have more votes, and all the other fandoms didnt vote hard enough. it's pretty funny, because the other artists didnt even stand a chance against girls generation. It also pretty funny when people try to insult someone they dont even bother doing some research before hand, someone told tiffany to go back to her homeloand, but she was born in america, and was there for half of her life, so guess they r telling tiffany to go back to USA? lol wut.Kpop fans are pretty crazy, people probs made multiple youtube accounts just to vote for them, Im not even surprised that girls generation won.

I've also been listening to a lot of Korean hip-hop. IMO, they are way better than the mainstream Kpop.  I actually think they sound better than alot of the mainstream western hip-hop, if only i could understand the lyrics. some of the lyrics are so deep that Adele rolls in it. Especially songs by leessang and epik high, so much feels. Theres a song called champion by leessang, which is wrriten for their closest friend, who is a boxer and died in the boxing ring, and leessang regrets that they were busy with their career, and couldnt spend more time with their best friend, and couldnt even be there when he was dying.

I've also been listening to alot of other artists like: Simon D, Geeks, drunken tiger, dynamic duo, Bizzy, MC mong, Phantom etc

Also Yoon mi rae is such a great singer, probs one of the best female korean R&B singer, shes good at rapping too, the first time i heard it, i immediately fell in love with it, I dled all her albums, and listen to them on repeat everyday. SO GOOODD.

I think i might quit cacao green soon, shitty as pay, and i dont get enough hours. It's not even worth my drive there. Ill ask for a raise and more hours soon, if they cant do it ill just quit.
I forgot to blog about this, but I got a new comp recently. I'm so glad and grateful, my old laptop is so shitty, overheats all the freaking time, just dies on me when im playing dota2. Before when i tried to play games, I'd put an ive pack right next to the laptop, and i also have a laptop stand beneath it, and i have another tiny fan blowing onto the icepack, pretty sick setup LOL, but too bad my hand gets frozen and numb all the time.
I also played my first competitive game in a long time on sunday. The last time i played was around year 12 i guess, it has been 2 years. I play such a shitty game, i dun even wanna talk about it, but we have an alright team. Theshi, Theva, Sehan, Juwei, Ruchira, Kushan. So unfit though, need to do more cardio at the gym.
Finished my last exam on friday, went straight to eb game to buy pokemon. I recently sold my PS3, and bought a 3DS. I havent touched my PS3 in ages, so thought might as well sell it, and plus i wanted to play pokemon, and 3DS was on sale so i bought one.
Holidays are starting to feel boring already, probs have to go find more jobs.

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