Sunday, September 1, 2013

Korea Day12 12/07/2013

Me jess and pua woke up early today, we went downstairs to eat breakfast at dunkin donuts, pad panini and mocha, I love mocha, mocha is like the only coffee i drink. Panini is just a grilled cheese and chicken sandwich nothing special lol.
Pua and Jess wanted to go back to the namsan tower, because jess did some research last night, where nichkhun's lock was, I didnt wanna go so i went to myeondong to just walk around. We got off at myeondong station, jess and pua went to the namsan tower direction while i went to explore myeondong. Myeondong is surprisingly big, I just kep walking around, and walked to streets that ive never been before. After i finished exploring, I was planning to go to starbucks or maccas, to chill out and wait for them, but i thought that what if they come back early, so i went back to the train station and waited for them. Waited for more than 30 minutes, my phone ran out of battery, I was just standing there doing nothing LOL so sad =( They came back, and didnt end up finding the lock, jess was once again disappointed.

We then headed to apgujeong, apparently thats where all the entertainment companies are, I was excited to go to SM, and jess was super excited about going to JYP. So we headed off to SM, but apparently the building was under construction, We thought that that's the building, but it was covered up in an EXO banner, so we weret so sure. We also saw this girl who were followed by 5 men dressed in suit, we thought that she might've been some kind of celebrity ot trainee, and those were the body guards. We kept walking trying to find the SM building, we asked some random Korean guy, and he told us that the building before was SM, but they have an alternative building somewhere around the corner, at least thats what we thought he was talking about LOL. So we kept walking and walking and couldnt find it SO SAD, I WAS EXPECTING TO SEE SNSD SIGH. So we kept walking and headed towards JYP, it started raining a little bit, we took a break inside KFC, and looked at the map, we kept walking and found the JYP place. There was a dunking donut right underneath JYP, there were 2pm member's posters and autographs, Jess went nuts, and took photos and screamed and anything you'd imagine a fangirl would do. So then we ordered some drinks, and chilled at dunkin donuts, expecting someone famous would show up LOL. There were a lot of black tinted window vans, everytime one drives past, we were like OMG IT MUST BE SOMEONE FAMOUS lol...... well i took a nap at dunkin donuts, untill someone showed up, it appeared to be a celebrity, the way she dressed and seeing how skinny she was, and she had someone to hold an umbrella for her, we concluded that she must be a celebrity. We took a few photos, and later on identified her as sohee from wonder girls. OMG WE SAW CELEBRITY LOL, i really didnt care about wonder girls, i wanted to see snd =( sigh...... well at least its something.

So then we decided to go ahead and find Mangosix, Pua's favourite Nicole's backery. We couldnt find our way back, so we took a taxi back to the Big as department store. Mangosix isnt far away from there. So we walked a little bit, and found mango six in a small alley, we saw a white guy on the way and asked him for directions lol.
We found Mangosix, it was really nice in there, really comfy and chill. Pua bought some cookies, and a soup inside a bread, which tasted really nice. The cookies were nice too, just couldnt tell the difference in flavour. We stayed in there rested up a little bit, and decided to head off to gangnam.
We took a taxi to gangnam because #YOLO #SWAG we highrollers LOL. not really, it was really cheap, not even $5 each. We got off at gangnam, and we were hungry so we went to look for something to eat. We came across this really small noodle shop, which sold noodles and thats it lol, not many variations, and its pretty popular. It wasnt even dinner time, and alot of people were there, and alot of people dressed really nicely where there too. You order from the machine, where you pay the money, and get a ticket, and the kitchen will know what you ordered and erve to you according to your receipt. Really convenient IMO, and especially for us who cant speak Korean.
We kept walking, did alot of shopping here, I bought quite a bit of stuff here too, omg stuff were so cheap here, even cheaper than fkn dongdaemun, dongdaemun is such a ripoff,  dongdaemun is just a place to rip off tourists. the pants i bought in store is the same price as dongdaemun after bargaining for like 20minutes. Bought a few shirts, and pants, Pua also bought heaps from ZARA such highroller LOL. Jess didnt buy much, bought a little bit of stuff for her family, and that was it.
It got very crowded when we were trying to go home, literally had no space to walk through going into the train station.
we got back to the guest house, and everyone else was back, They've already eaten dinner, but we still havent eaten anything yet, so we decided to go out and check out whats good to eat. Pua wanted to check out the mangosix first, see if they had Nicole's cookies or whatever, it turned out that they have the exact same stuff as the previous store, pua was soooo sad lol. Then it started raining like crazy, we just walked around and found a random KBBQ place. It was $10 for all you can eat, we didnt even hesitate, because THAT IS FKN CHEAP. The food was good too, they even had pasta salads and alot of varities of food. Was definitely very satisfied. We smelled like BBQ afterwards lol, they didnt have a fan to suck out all the smoke, i guess thats the only downside of this place.
Then got home, and just rested.

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