Sunday, September 1, 2013

Korea Day11 11/07/2013

TODAY WE ARE GOING BACK TO SEOUL YAYAYAY. We arrived at noonish, or a little past noon, like around 2ish? I think. So we went for lunch, Went to the same Chicken place again, I really like the chickens. This time David ordered too much, Everyone couldnt finish, so me and pua had to finish most of the left overs LOL, he wanted to compete with me in eating, HOW CUTE, no chance bro, maybe in your next life.
Then we decided to Seoul Namsan tower, which we didnt get a chance in the first few days in seoul. We got off the Myeondong station, and had to walk quite a bit to get to the cable cars to go up to the tower. It was super foggy at the top, couldnt see much. We walked around a little bit, and found out there were these "lovelocks" where you'd get two locks, and lock your name and your love's name together, which means eternal love or something like that. So jess tried to find the nichkhun and victoria lock, apparently it wasnt here anymore, stolen or something and jess was super disappointed. LOL, then we asked, and it might be up at the observatory, and we had to pay to get up there, It was foggy as well, so couldnt see much anyway, so we gave up.

Went inside the shops to grab some souvenir, everyone was looking at souvenirs and stuff, me and jess cbs so we decided to grab some icecream. Had this stir fried ice cream with cheesecake OMG SO YUMMY. Also there was this super cute girl at the souvenir shop, which I thought was really pretty, but the others didnt think so, I have no comment regarding their taste in girls, im so done.
Then we stayed at the cafe there and took a break, Pua had this ginseng milktea OMG TASTED HORRIBLE FUARRKK, so bitter, and that ginseng after taste OMG, i almsot puked out as soon as i drank it. I had a green tea latte which tasted so much better LOL. There was a teddy bear museum there as well.
We went down and tried to take some photos in the cable car, but theres too much reflection and the fog was annoying too, couldnt even see the nightview properly.
I think we did a bit of late night shopping at myeondong. We split up once again, David went with calene and them, while i was with jess most of the time because she asked me to translate for her. Since david is gone, I had to translate for jess from Chinese to english, alot of people there actually spoke chinese, Jess went full yolo mode and bought shit load of make ups. I was wondering why people know how to speak chinese rather than english, or maybe they are chinese to start with? Or maybe there are more chinese tourists? I dunno, just found it really weird. Been through a lot of make up shops with jess, and we eventually we saw this guy had a little cart making dragon beard candies, brandon and jess bought some as gift for their family, we got a packet for free, it was tasty.
Then we headed back to ann's guest house, and decided that we'd have separate activities tmr. I decided to follow jess and pua to gangnam and apghujang

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