Sunday, March 10, 2013

first week of 2nd year has been pretty hectic, well its technically first year for me again, since i transferred from bachelor of biotech to nutrition science. Even though i've been to uni for a whole year already, i still dont know all the buildings around, i got lost so many times during the first timetable changes every week, which is pretty annoying, my timetable is pretty bad, 9-5 for 2 days. I've been carpooling with nicholas, so i dont have to deal with the shitty bus time anymore.

Oh and also, i got my P's before uni started, which is pretty exciting, I've been driving alot by myself recently, which is pretty fun.

On saturday, Tony and karen both had birthday parties at sophia, i had to walk around between 2 parties. It's nice to see people that i havent seen in a while. After dinner we went clubbing, first we went to bamboo saturdays, it was so bad, words cannot describe how bad it is, its tiny, probably around the same size as my house, and the dance floor was even smaller, mayb a little bigger than my living room. Then we all decided to walk out, then we went to bass lounge, which was wayy better. We finished at around 3am, got home at 4am by taxi, it was my first time taking a taxi, and getting home so late.

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