Friday, February 22, 2013

clubbing, not bad at all.

Last friday, I went clubbing with Leon, Victor, Tony, Kate and Emmy. The other day, Tony asked me and leon to go clubbing with him, because he'll be going with emmy and her pharmacy friends, and he wanted us to keep him company.
So me leon, victor and kate took a train to flinder street, while tony and emmy were eatting dinner with their pharmacy friends, we met outside alumbra, had a little shot bottle thingy to drink before going in, dam the smirnoff tastes so bad, but apparently because it's warm, and it's better chilled. 
So then we went in, and got some drinks then went to the dance floor. IT WAS SO FKN LOUD, as soon as i went in, i just went fully deaf, couldnt even hold a conversation in there. Was crowded as well, couldn't move without touching anyone else. It was overall a good experience, at first i thought clubbing isnt the thing for me, but after i got a lil tipsy, it got easier to dance around and stuff. I would come back if i had a few close friends with me, its not too bad. 
It's the first time i've drank this much alcohol, had 2 shots tequila, 1 rum and coke, 1midori, and 1 smirnoff, i'm supprised i was actually sober at the end of the night. leon was like all loud and crazy lol. 
and also leon danced with this cute asian chick at the club, after a bit of researching and stalking, apparently she has a boyfriend, LOL badluck leon, next time. 

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