Wednesday, June 5, 2013

meh, exams =(

Haven't updated my blog in a longgggggggg time, it's because  nothing interesting is happening in my life. My one and only exam is in 2 weeks time, on the 18th of June, I'm glad that I only have 1 exam, but its worth 50% hope I can pass, shouldn't be that hard anyway.
Though i only have 1 exam, I still have an assignment that's worth 50% due tomorrow, I'm still cramming on it. I thought it was due last Friday, I freaked out, and finished almost everything last Thursday, then i found out it was actually due this Friday. =.= I cant work without pressure, I haven't done anything for the whole week, and today is the last day, and I've done so much work today than all of the other days combined.
My only motivation right now is the HK and Korean trip with friends, OMMMGG I CANT WAITT. It's gonna be so fun, and will be such a great memory. Though I haven't seen many people in a long time, like Calene and Megan, because I wagged uni pretty much everyday during the last 2 weeks LOL, but I cant wait for exam to finish and catch up with people.

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    Good luck for your exam! So lucky you only have one!!!