Sunday, February 3, 2013


nothing much happened last week, had friday off, because it wasnt that busy. Tony talked to me on fb, and told me to fill in for his bball team, i had nothing else to do that night, so i went. Tony came and picked me up at around 9 ish, the game is at 9:15. had a shoot around for 5 mins, all warmed up and ready to go. I havent played full court bball in ages, at least 2 months now. got tired as fk after like 15mins. Didnt take many shots,  took around 3 shots in total but all missed, meh really need to start practising bball again. I guess it was a bad day for us, people missed wide open shots and layups. In the second half we managed to catch up with our defense. we were down by 2 in the final 10secs, tony dribbled up the ball, and found me free in the corner, i took a few dribbles and then shot a teardrop FOR THE WIN!!!!! OMG my first game tieing shot of my life lawl, was pretty excited and there was so much pressure. after i made the shot everyone was going crazy. Then we went to petalling street to celebrate, though theres not much to celebrate because we didnt win the game, but still it was a tie, at least we didnt lose.

Also I'm trying to go on a cutting diet, consists of mainly lean meat and veggies, and a little carbs. I want to get into my best shape before the korea trip. hope i'll stay consistent with the diet, and dont give up half way through.

that is all for the past week, meh more work next week o well, gotta earn more money for the korea trip.

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