Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year post, 2013 summary/reflection.

So today is 01/01/2014, 2013 has ended, it went by so freaking fast. I feel like I did jack shit for the whole year, nothing interesting really happened.
First of all, I managed to transfer from biotechnology to nutrition science. Since the 2 courses weren't related at all, I wasnt able to transfer my credits, so I had to start all over again as a "JAFFY".
I was surprised by how many girls and little guys in this course, the ratio is literally 1guy:10girls.
The only highlight of the year is probably the trip to south korea with all the friends, was a vary interesting trip, even though i spent all my life saving on that, but it was worth it.

Come to think of it, this year is the last year for all the commerce people, they will be finishing their undergrad this year, and I'll still be doing my 2nd year (for this course) at uni. Probs have to make more new friends now, or I'll probs just be forever alone. OR I can just head off to medley library and sleep there during my breaks. =.=, well, lucky pua, megan, brandon and key will still be there.

and about new years resolution, the only thing I have on mind right now is to transfer again from nutrition science to nutrition and dietetics. Which will probably require quite a bit of studying, so the main new year's resolution is to study harder.Maybe also update my blog more frequently, this is my first post in like ages lawl.

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